• Laser printer paper vs Copy paper

    There are so many different types of paper it can be difficult to decide what one is best for you.  So, fax machine ehere is a little guide to help you pick the right paper. First, what machine are you buying paper for? Inkjet or laser printer. photo copies etc Some paper is not compatible with certain machines so it is important to know what paper works with your machine.

    Next the differences between laser and inkjet printers.  Laser printers use powdery toners and inkjet printers use liquid ink.  Different manufacturers call them different things for example Hewlett Packard call the laser printers “laser Jet” and their inkjet printers are Desk Jet, Design Jet or Office Jet.  If you are not sure if you are using an Inkjet or laser printer one way to find out is by checking the paper when it comes out of the printer.  If the paper is warm when it comes out of the printer and the cartridge is long you are probably using a laser printer.  If the ink smudges easily and it a little wet after printing you probably have a ink jet printer.  Because of the difference in the printer the paper has differences too.  Inkjet paper allows the ink to soak in to the paper and dry quicker,  Laser paper is thicker and smoother than inkjet paper and will not curl from the heat of the printer.

    As there is now different sizes of paper available the standard weight is now by weighing 500 sheets of 17″ x 22″ paper.  Most standard paper id 20lb but the higher the weight the higher the quality.  Please see chart below with details.  To help choose the paper you need to buy you also need to think about what you need it for for example printing photos or invitations.





    80  GSM

    20lb bond/50lb text


    90 GSM

    24lb bond/60lb text

    90 GSM Generally multipurpose paper used in the home or office printer. it is common printing paper

    105 gsm

    28lb bond/70lb text

    Perfect to print brochures and presentations. Also Excellent for 2-sided printing

    120 GSM

    32lb bond/80lb text1

    Perfect weight for brochures and presentations. Excellent for 2-sided printing with minimal show through, while being slightly heavier than the 28lb.

    145 GSM


    lightest of the cardstocks, best use for mailers with a flexible “soft feel” quick drying surface.



    165gsm is a durable card with a smooth, hard surface



    Ideal for postcards, posters and menus.  This is a sturdy card stock with a fast drying service



    Used for dividers and folders



    215GSM is thick and is often used for business cards. Available in different texturers.



    Heavy weight paper



    Heaviest paper used for greeting cards and invitations

     I hope this was helpful in solving some of the many mysteries involved with choosing the right paper.

    How to choose right paper


  • Expanding folders for your home or office

    Are you looking for expanding folders for your home or office? We know it can be confusing buying folders for your filing needs, expanding folders could be the right choice for you.  The expanding folder has several sections which allows you to keep multiple documents.  The expanding folders is a good choice if you do not have much room to file your documents.

    Sections in Expanding Folders

    Most expanding folders have several sections to help file your documents away, but it is also possible to have an expanding folder with just one section.  Expanding folders are ideal for keeping your household bills in order, keeping receipts need and tidy and help keep your office paperwork in order. Expanding folders can expand from two to three inches in width to allow you to store your paperwork.

    Options for Expanding Folders

    There are many options for expanding files.  They are available in different colours, you can choose how many sections are in the folder and they can be pre printed with A-Z or 1-31.  There are also a number of different closings including Velcro and rubber bands.

    Expanding folders may also be called concertina folders. They are very popular in the UK and a popular choice for people who travel a lot as they can keep everything in one folder.  Expanding folders are ideal for keep different size papers together.  If you are self employed and need to keep your receipts and invoices safe an expanding folder is a good choice.

    Staples sizes


  • How To Buy An Office Chair

    Are you looking for a new office chair?

    If you work in an office you are probably sitting at your desk for long periods of time and it is important to have a chair that meets your need and is comfortable.

    At Violet Office Supplies we have a wide range of office chairs to meet your needs.  We have a handy guide to buying the perfect chair for your needs.  So if you are sitting comfortably let’s find your chair.


    An ergonomically correct and comfortable chair should support your body in a variety of postures. The design of your workplace should also encourage movement and changing of posture.

    Requirements for a good seat are:

     Circulation to the thighs should not be restricted

     The S shape of the spine should be maintained and stress on the spine should be minimised

     Posture should require little muscular effort to maintain


     A good office chair:

     Should be suitable for everyone who will be using it

     Should allow you to move freely so you can complete your work comfortably

     Should support your body in various postures

     Should be suitable for your desk, height is very important

    If you are going to be sitting in your chair for long periods of time you will need a chair with more adjustable features.  They should all be easy to reach while sitting down.  Also, a chair that is easy to adjust is needed if there will be different people using the chair as it will need to be adjusted to each user’s needs.

    Features to look out for when buying an office chair

    Backrest/Lumbar Support

    The backrest of the chair should support the lower and middle of your back properly.  The natural S shape of your back should be supported by the backrest when you are sitting.

    Seat Depth

    Not all seat depths are adjustable.  You should be able to sit back on the chair without pressing the back of your knees.  It is important you can sit back comfortably so you get the support from the back rest and lumbar support.

    Seat height

    The perfect height for your chair will allow you to rest your feet on the floor without compressing the back of your thighs.  This is important as the blood supply to your lower legs could be restricted,


    If you will be sitting in your chair for long periods of time you will need to support your arms.  Look for a chair with adjustable armrests, fixed armrests are fine for occasional use.  If your armrest stops you getting close to your desk it will make you sit forward so you will be uncomfortable and you will not get the support from the back rest.


    You might need to move to reach parts of your desk.  If your chair does not have the swivel feature you might find you are twisting your back trying to reach stuff.

    Even with the best ergonomically correct chair you should not sit in one position for too long.  We are not designed to stay in one posture especially sitting down.  Remember to take a break, get up and do something else or a few stretching exercises.

    Office Chair Types:

    High Back Task Chair

    This chair has a seat and back tilt mechanism to allow the user to adjust the chair to their needs.  The armrest are height adjustable and available in a number of different colours.  These chairs can normally take up to a weight of 150KG. Additional features are available including seat depth adjustment and pump up lumbar support.

    Mesh Back Task Chair

    The backrests of these chairs are mesh and have a supportive seat pad.  The armrest and height and with adjustable and have a soft pad.  The seat and back move with you,

    High Back Posture Task Chair

    These chairs have an ergonomically designed backrest.  Other features include seat depth adjustment, multi-functional arms and can take a weight up to 150KG



    Packaging boxes make your life  when you need to move, but you don’t need to get rid of them once you’ve settled into your new residence. Those cardboard boxes will continue to make your life easier for a long time yet! Reusing or upcycling packaging boxes can help you save a ton of money, be eco-friendly, and channel your creativity all at the same time. They’re sturdy, and there are so many things you can make out of them! You can use paints, tape or fabric of your choice to make the cardboard look pretty, doodle on it in pen or marker, or just leave it plain; it’s totally up to you.


    Here are 10 ways you can reuse or upcycle packaging boxes

     1. Storage Boxes – You used these boxes to move your stuff from one house to the other, so why not continue using them for storing your things as well? You can cut off the top flaps and add faux leather pulls to the sides or top using gold bolts, and you’ll have a storage box that you can pull out or carry around easily.

     2. Laundry and Trash Baskets – The same method can be used to make baskets, except you may cut holes in two of the top flaps instead of cutting them all off completely; this means you don’t need to install any pulls. The baskets can be used as laundry or trash baskets. If you do use it as a trash basket, you’ll essentially be using trash to collect trash

    3. Plant Pot – If your apartment feels kind of empty, you can add a little life to it with a potted plant. There’s no need to buy a fancy pot though, you can just use a packaging box you have lying around. You’ll need some plastic lining and some drainage holes at the bottom so prevent the box from getting damp, and you’re good to go.

    4. Weed Blocker and Compost – If you’re interested in gardening and you’re having a weed problem, cardboard can help fix that. All you need to do is cut out the required size of cardboard from a spare box, and mulch it down on the area where you’ve got weeds; cardboard acts as a weed blocker, so they won’t be back any time soon. Additionally, cardboard makes for great compost, which every gardener requires.


    5. Picture Frames – Pictures with pretty frames can brighten up your walls, nightstand and coffee tables, and can be used as quirky presents as well. Instead of scouring stores to find frames in the colour and pattern you like, you can simply make your own out of packaging boxes! Just cut out the required size and paint it, or cover it with fabric to add an artistic touch.

     6. Pet Bed and Feline Scratching Post – Pets love packaging boxes, so why not make it more comfortable for them? If you have a pet, a packaging box can be turned into a very comfortable bed with some pillows and blankets. Also, a feline scratching post made of thick cardboard with rope glued around its length will keep your cat happy for hours!


     7. Floor Protector for Furniture – You may be knowing that gluing small discs of cork to the underside of your furniture prevents them from scratching your floor. But did you know that you can do the same thing with cardboard? After all, people don’t really have a lot of spare corks lying around, but we’re sure to have a packaging box somewhere in the house. All you need to do is cut out discs to fit your furniture leg base, and your floor will be scratch-free for ages!


    8. Pinata – Pinatas are the highlight of any fun party. Whether it’s a birthday or a girls’ night in, a pinata just adds to the craziness and leaves you breathless with laughter. Cardboard is a great material to make your own pinata (you can theme it any way you want for the occasion); it doesn’t even need to be perfectly help together since you’ll be bashing it in later! And since you’re going to be making a mess anyway, why not recycle a packaging box in the process?

    School Projects

    9. School Projects and Signs – Packaging boxes can be re-purposed into a ton of dioramas or school projects, like a DIY camera, solar system model, spaceship, and so on. They can also be used to make signs for garage sales, bake sales or lemonade stands. Anything, really! And you can even use a piece as a shield or stencil when you need to spray paint your project but don’t want to make a mess


    10. DIY Clothes Folder – If you want your clothes to be folded neatly, you don’t need to spend money on the marketed T shirt folders; simply use an opened up packaging box and make the necessary folds or cuts, and you’ll be looking at an organized wardrobe in no time!

     There are, of course, many more uses for packaging boxes; you can even reuse the ones which are used to deliver your online purchases. You don’t need to think outside the box for this!

  • “Clip” It Together, Man!

     Paperclips and binder clips may not be the most gushed about office supplies, but they are certainly among the most versatile. Paperclips have been in use since the late 1860’s, originally being used to attach tickets to fabric, and later, to hold newspapers together. Binder clips were invented in 1910 to make it easier for one to remove single sheets of paper from a larger stack. Today, however, the uses of the paper clip and the binder clip are not limited to attaching papers together. Their utility extends beyond the office to provide solutions to problems faced in multiple aspects of life.


     Here are a few alternative uses of paperclips and binderclips:

     1. Tighten the screws in your spectacles – If you wear glasses, then you know how irritating it can get if there’s a screw loose and your glasses keep slipping down your nose. Regular screwdrivers are too thick to do the job. All you need is a paperclip; open it up and flatten one end with a hammer so that it fits in the tiny screw groove. Tighten to your heart’s content!

    paper clips

     2. Convert a normal bra into a racerback bra – Ladies, you want to flaunt your pretty shoulders in that amazing racerback top but your regular bra straps spoil the look? There’s no need to buy a separate racerback bra when you can just clip together your bra straps and watch them disappear underneath the racerback top.

     3. Fix a broken zipper or jewellery clasp – You don’t need to toss your necklace simply because the clasp broke; just attach a paperclip to each end of the necklace and link the two together around your neck. Similarly, don’t despair if your pencil case or jacket ends up losing a zipper pull; attach an appropriately coloured paperclip to the zipper loop and pull away.

     4. Wear your own bracelet – You know how you try to wear a bracelet but it keeps slipping off your wrist before you manage to hook the clasp? Well, you only need a single paperclip to independently clasp your bracelets like a pro. Open up the paperclip in the form of an ‘S’ and hook one of the ends to the clasp of the bracelet. Loop the bracelet around your wrist (say the left wrist) and hold the paperclip between your left palm and fingers. You can now easily bring the hook end of the bracelet around your wrist and close it in the clasp, all without your bracelet slipping off. Congratulations, you!

     5. Organize your wires – If your workspace is a tangled mess of wires and cables, it becomes a hassle when you try searching for a particular wire but end up tangling them even more. Binder clips help you separate your cables and keep them separate, so that picking out the one you require is easy as pie!

     6. Protect your razor blade – Razor blades are always getting splashed with water, which makes them prone to dullness. It’s a good idea to cover the blade in use to prolong its sharpness. If you don’t already have a razor blade cover, simply snap a binder clip over it and help it stay sharp longer.

     7. Make a phone stand – If your phone case doesn’t come with a stand and you’re tired of holding it while you binge watch your favourite shows, binder clips will come to your rescue again. Gently snap a binder clip to each end of your phone on the same side, turn it sideways, and you have a convenient phone stand. Now your hands can rest!

     8. Make the most of creams and toothpastes – For any product that comes in a squeeze tube, there comes a struggle to use every last drop of that product. For those who are thrifty, binder clips are your friends. Snap a binder clip along the crimped end of the tube and simply push up along the length of the tube to get all the product out. No more wasting!

     9. Safely check food temperatures – If you’re into cooking and use food thermometers a lot, you probably want to prevent steam from burning your fingers when you check the temperature of something that’s boiling in your pot. Just fix a binder clip on the rim of your utensil, stick out the clip loop at an angle, and slide the thermometer probe through the space of the loop, instead of holding the thermometer directly above the heat.

     10. Keep folded sleeves in place – You want to roll up your sleeves but they keep getting undone; all you need is a paperclip or binder clip to hold that fold in place so that you look super stylish. This has an added benefit: if a shirt button suddenly falls off, your sleeve-holding clip transforms into an emergency button-fix. A neat solution!

     Paperclips and binder clips have an added bonus: when you’re bored, you can while away time by making daisy chains out of paperclips and mini sculptures out of binder clips. They are truly your most useful and versatile friends, both inside the office and out.

  • How to organise your desk without spending Penny

    Desks can become extremely messy, whether at home or at office. You’ve got everything you want on your desk but there are times when you’re in a hurry and you just cannot find your paperwork or something else on time. And you cannot organise it whenever you like because you’re just too busy with meetings, your work, and other stuff as well. All the other things take up your entire time and you do not get the needed time to clear the mess on your desk. So you decide to clean your desk once in two months, or sometimes never. You just learn a way to deal with the mess and continue to live like that. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to have to clean your desk JUST ONCE and never struggling with a messed up desk again? Well yes, we all want to do that. So here are some ways in which you can achieve the desired look for your desk that would make it more organised and cleaner than ever.

    • Fan of art and crafts? Try this!

    If you love art and crafts and calligraphy then you can store all your stuff in the drawer of your desk in such organised manner. Whenever you need something it would be in front of your eyes the moment you open the drawer.


    • Use plastic containers

    Apart from storing food, plastic containers can be used to store your stuff as well. Label them according to your needs, and voila! And you thought plastic containers had their place in the kitchen only.

    really useful

    • Don’t just leave your pens on the desk

    Declutter your desk by organising your pens in this manner.

     pens on the desk

    • Like the chic way? Go for this!

    You can use colourful boxes for several stuff so that you have enough room on your desk for other things as well.

    • Make use of the wall

    Don’t have enough space for you printer on your desk? Well, worry no more because you can now know a way to make room for it.

    wall desk


    • Or maybe opt for The Vertical way

    Don’t forget to label each row

    Now you have all the great ideas in your hands. What are you waiting for? Go declutter!








    What’s better than office breaks?

    Office breaks with beverages that are tasty and get you going throughout your long, productive day.

    There are all kinds of products in the market that you could choose from to keep in your office. Some firms just go to the supermarket and point at random products to bring to stack at the workplace.

    You are about to be enlightened about the perfect office beverages:

    1. Soda: 


    In moderated levels, soda has benefits that help you and in turn the office productivity:

    Caffeine– Helps stimulate the central nervous system and keeps you alive and kicking when

    being proactive is of primary concern

    Carbonated water– It has various health benefits for the gastrointestinal tract. It also indirectly

    keeps you hydrated which is, of course very important for the functioning of the human body.

    2.Hot chocolate

    hot chocolate


    Well, nothing is more soothing than a cup of warmth and comfort. The smell of a freshly made hot

    chocolate cup is refreshing enough to get you going for the hard work that has been set out for you

    for the rest of the day. It also has surprising health benefits:

    Cocoa has antioxidants called flavonoids that reduce inflammation and boost immune systems.

    • It aids memory! So the next time you can’t remember the name of your new employee, have a

    sip of hot chocolate.

    • It makes you happy, even biologically! Being happy always helps, doesn’t it 

    Drinking juice is like sipping in joy and contentment. It rejuvenates you and brings about a feeling

    of excitement and the push to keep going. Also,

    • It has great nutritional value

    • Helps the immune system, detoxifies, helps blood circulation and keep cholesterol balanced.


    Last but not the least, is our own, good old sleep buster: coffee. We have all been dependant on

    this boon that has been sent to us from – seeming god himself.

    Coffee also helps in various other ways:

    • It has caffein which as already mentioned has good nutritional value.

    • It reduces the chances of depression, and happiness is good for us all!

    With good food in the break room comes great work in the office.

    So go ahead, have a great work day!





    Buying a new printer for your office at home or for printing those holiday snaps, Before stepping into your nearest electronic store or checking the best deal online .Here are things you should keep in mind before you zero in on your next printer!


    The first question should be, what would be the function of the printer at your home or office? Do you need it for high speed office printing, printing high quality photographs or just basic day to day printing? The purpose and the frequency of usage would help you in deciding what type of printer and save money on features you don’t necessarily need


    A LaserJet printer produces the best quality of printing and does so at speeds much higher than that of the inkjet printers, but, traditionally LaserJet printers are about 40-50% costlier than inkjet printers,

    Take a LaserJet printer if you need to print large number of pages every month and need the document printed in no time! Or you want really high quality prints of your photographs, as inkjet printers these days produce pretty decent quality prints of photograph. Inkjet printers are usually recommended when the usage is on a low-medium level as these are usually cheaper and easier to maintain than LaserJet printers.



    All in one printers have now become commonplace in both homes and offices. All in one printers (AIO) or Multi function printer (MFPs)  provide the facility of scan, copy and printing in one device, and some devices come with the facility of fax as well ,though they are not as common these days, Buying an AIO  gives you flexibility to do a lot more things than just printing from your device



    Giving a print command to your printer is a breeze if you have wireless capabilities in your Printer. You can give print commands over the Wi-Fi from your phone (AirPrint for Apple and Google Cloud Print for Android), laptop and even some newer generation Smart TV’s. Some printers do tend to have a lower speed when printing wirelessly, so if you’re looking for high speed prints ,go for printers that have a capability of an Ethernet port.

    printer software


    Inkjet printers come with a lower Sticker price but can be hard to maintain if you do not use the printers regularly as the ink that is used could dry up and would need to be replaced by a new one. The cost of a cartridge in an inkjet printer would be lower than the LaserJet printer, but laser jet printers have an option of filling up the same cartridge with a Toner, thereby making LaserJet printers cheaper to maintain than inkjet printers!




    Here are some of the best printers:

    1 BROTHER DCP-9020CDW 


    3. HP OFFICEJET PRO 8615 





  • How to choose the perfect pen for you

    By Sarah H.

    With the amount of choices that we are presented with in the market, it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing a pen you can stick by. It could be a lot easier had we had Tinder for pens where we could swipe right on “the one”. Since that isn’t a possibly for now, let us look at steps that would help us find that one pen to rule them all.

    1.       Know your purpose and your type:
    The very first thing that you need to figure out is what would you be using your pen for? The choices will depend accordingly. Say, you’re a college student who wishes to take notes then fountain pens aren’t exactly ideal for this purpose. If you’re a business executive you would need a pen covered in crystals that stops writing midway. No way! So before you begin selecting a pen KNOW what you would prefer.pen

    Pens are categorized based on their ink delivery system. You have, 

    Ball point pens: the ink isn’t usually glossy in appearance but a ball point pen is ideal if you wish to take notes quickly. The ink doesn’t spread or smudge and doesn’t require a drying time. However, if you’re not using a decent quality ballpoint pen, you might need to put some pressure on the pen to be able to write. Majority of these are refillable and have an amazingly long shelf life. The best part is that there are so many body types available with these pens that you will find the one you like.

    Fountain pens: the ink is present in a cartridge and provides the nib with the ink constantly. They right very smooth and neat. However, they’re not ideal for students. The ink can be spilled if you are not careful and if you are thinking of taking notes with these, just don’t. Fountain pens can be used when you can take time with your writing, or for signing documents, or calligraphy. Fountain pens are my best friends when it comes to writing in fancy letters.

    Fineliners: They are a class of pens with a plastic or fine fiber tip with a dye gel sort of an ink base. Personally, I LOVE using Fineliners when writing because they make my handwriting look great and I love how pigmented they are. Traditionally, they are used for drawing or sketching purposes but trust me, they’re great for handwriting. They’re pretty cheap but more often than not, disposable in nature.

    Rollerballs: It is pretty difficult for me to define a fountain pen exactly because I essentially categories them as gel pens but I like them more than gel pens (?) Basically they’re a love child of fountain pens and ball pens. As smooth as the former (you do not need to apply pressure at all, as soon as the pen touched the paper, the ink flows) and as convenient as the latter. The one disadvantage I can think of in regards to them is that, more often than not, the pen body is wider and heavier which I personally don’t like. Besides this, I personally love them.

    Gel pens: As the name suggests, these pens have a gel ink which makes for pigmented and neat writing. They’re definitely among the popular pen choices for reasons such as, easy ink flow, pigmentation and of course that lovely glossy look of the ink on the paper. Gel pens are refillable however, they do run out pretty quick.

    2. Have a budget in mind: It might not come as a surprise to the Studyblr community but to all you stationery novice people, pens can be super expensive. Even, if we’re not talking about the luxury pen lines, in general a good pen can burn a hole (ranging in its size) in your pockets. So, as much as you’d love to have a Montblanc with you, remember, you need to eat as well. If you know what kind of a pen you’re looking for, you’re pretty much set because you will find one within your range.

    3. Look up reviews: Google has all the information for you that you might ever need. When it comes to pens, it has your answers as well. Say, you choose a pen and you’re mentally prepared to buy it but still you have some qualms about it. Do not fret, for there are some angelic souls out there who have blogs, YouTube videos and Instagram accounts dedicated to the cause of making sure that you find that right pen. If you’re on Instagram just search for the hashtag studyblr, and you’ll find many accounts that can help you or if you wish to see your future pen in action, YouTube videos are the way to go.

    4. Try  it before you buy it : You know which pen you want, you’ve researched it and now you must go and bring home your beloved. But, do not forget, check your pen thoroughly. Most of the stores allow you to check the pen or have samples of the pen present that you can try out before you buy it. So, do that. Check if the tip is protected, check that the ink flows properly and doesn’t have air bubbles.

    Now, that you’re all set, bring home that beautiful piece of technology and enjoy your writing! Below, I have mentioned a few of my all-time favourite pens that I LOVE to use and those that still leave me with enough money to survive on my own. Enjoy!

    A few of my favourites:

    1. Staedtler Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens.

    2. Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint pens.

    3. Uniball Eye Micron.

    4. Pilot Juice Gel Pens.

    5. Platinum Preppy Fountain pens.


  • How Should The Office Of A Successful Business Be in 2017

    Successful Business

    Have you heard of your friend telling you about his friend’s business doing exceedingly well, and a lot of it due to the environment of the workplace. Have you ever wondered what is the recipe of creating an excellent office where the employees would not only feel at ease, but they would also be encouraged to bring out the best in them in a relaxing atmosphere. Here, we compile a list of the must have features of an office space which can help your business take off.


    In present times, when work space in any busy and developed city costs close to a fortune, you wouldn’t want to waste even a bit of your estate uselessly. When planning the interiors, you should stack the compartments/cubicles in a line along the border areas and leave the space in the middle open if you wish. Thus, you would be able to maximize your resources.



    You have probably experienced the horror of going to old, ramshackle office buildings, painted in white, sky blue or reddish shades. It is not only the structure of the building, but the colors also, which affect the work output of people inhabiting it. If some recent studies are to be believed, vibrant colors like mellow yellow, deeper shades of blue, restful green, and other combined bright color solutions as well as some innovative decors on the wall make the office look trendy and encourage the employees to put all their energy into their work.




    A Professional office means a neat and clean office. A messy desk always gives the wrong information to the customers. Try to keep your stuff sorted and always away from the eye of the incomer. The things on your desk should be minimal and classy looking.


    Professional office

    Modern offices do it their own way. Here, we don’t have bosses always bossing around you. Here, the employees are made to feel encouraged to set a goal and then achieve it. For this, traditional environments do not serve well. Instead, we have inspirational logos, quotes all around the office and a small book collection to refresh the work force and to do away with their fatigue.


    You probably experienced those atmosphere in offices where employees work on, sitting glued to their chairs, all serious. These stressful long work hours do affect individuals by boring them out, making their work feel like punishment. Come to any trendy office in 2017 and you will be greeted by an indoor gaming section where one could enjoy games from table tennis to a session of Chess. This facility not only refreshes the individual, but also multiplies their work output.

    go green

         Bring the outdoors in with plants and make your office look fresh and be fresh. The greenery within the office place adds to the beauty of the place and also sends out the message that you really care for the environment and the health of the employees which is in line with modern and successful businesses. So, start planting them today!

    This article talks about the unique things that you can do with your office and naturally leaves the obvious ones. What would be your addition to this list? Do let us know.

  • Top 6 Ways To Save On Office Supplies

    Top 6 Ways To Save On Office Supplies

    Whether you own a small start-up or a billion dollar firm, chances are you would love to reduce a little more on expenditure whenever possible. Office supplies are basic necessities in every office, and every employer spends a lot on them every year! So let me present to you six great ideas to save big on office supplies.

    Repeat Business: Are you tired of looking out for new vendors for your supplies every year, looking for cheaper deals? Instead of finding a new vendor every time, it is better to continue with the same. Getting supplies from a particular supplier repeatedly is not only beneficial to them but to you as well. The suppliers are well aware of their competitors, and they would be more than willing, to offer discounts and gifts. So feel free to negotiate with the supplier to avail products at the best rates. You will find them settling for a profitable situation both ways.

    Try Office Superstores: Office superstores like staples, office max among many others have a wide range of loyalty programs. They offer huge discounts on products bought in a large quantity. Signing up for their loyalty programs has their own perks. You will often find them offering various commonly used items for free- after rebate. While you receive a gift card along with the supplies, isn’t it great to pay just tax and shipping charges? This can help you save big on basic supplies like printer paper, envelopes among others! Sign up for their loyalty programs today, check out their wide range of products and the awesome price range!

    Try Non-Branded Products: Most branded products available in the market are way too expensive due to their brand name! You may feel secure buying a branded product but for in-houses purposes try non-branded products. The generic products are just as good as their branded counterparts, but cost-effective. You might even try using printer cartridges from local companies instead of branded products. When you insert the first cartridge note down the specifications, from the next cartridge you can buy one of your own choice. They won’t let you down.

    Reuse: While handing out notices, reminders or other information to your employees do you use fresh paper? Just think of it, how many sheets you are wasting per day within your own office. This can be easily reduced by re-using paper. In every office, there is a huge quantity of single-side printed paper. So printing or writing on the opposite side of these would definitely reduce demand for new paper all the time. If your company ships out products, why not use those bubble mailers you have received with some product? Not only does it save you money but is also eco-friendly.

    Online Shopping: Online shopping portals offer huge discounts on products than the market rates. Online shopping allows you the liberty to look up the rates, order any quantity at any point of time from anywhere. So now you can reduce at least one reminder from your head, ordering becomes easy and cost effective! Often shipping is very quick, and bulk purchase might even make you eligible for free shipping, yet one more easy way to save costs. There are replacement options as well, so if the standard does not match your requirements you can get the products replaced.

    Eliminate Wastage: It is necessary to monitor usage of resources and eliminate wastage. Looking at the requisition lists, you might be shocked to find some items which you purchase but are almost never used. It is necessary to cut-off these items from the list. You might try to implement a monthly log of different products or even a daily log. It helps to keep a tab on the use of resources. It is often seen employees take home office supplies, but never get them back. After a period of time, the cost of this wasteful usage start adding up increasing the expenditure. So start encouraging your employees to look into cost-efficient usage and cut down on resources not required. Implement a method which influences everyone at the office to re-use available resources. Most importantly it is of utmost importance to set an example. Model the behaviour you seek from your employees and you shall see a fast reduction in expenses spent on office supplies.

    The above-mentioned cost-efficient practices are possible but should not at any times compromise the requirements. This stationery is vital in doing every kind of job in life and must never be ignored. It is always of utmost importance to look after the well-being and ease of working conditions of your employees. After all, they are the resources for the best functioning of your company.






    Every place has that corner of discussion. For those of us who watch a lot of television shows know this corner as the water coolers at workplaces. There is always a crowd of employees around the watercoolers cracking the lamest jokes with the laugh track. It’s honestly not much different at an actual workplace. The bosses generally comment on this crowd as the lethargic ones who ignore their work. But talking with your peers and reflecting back on your day might not be a bad idea. In this fast paced world where everyone is racing, you miss out on living the moment. Everyone describes their day as being stressful but truth be told, most of them do not even recall much of what they did.


    The robotic or mechanic work the companies expect out of their employees these days is probably the reason for people losing their social life and individual productivity. The simple solution to this is to take a break and clear our mind of the workload and re energise ourselves. Water coolers provide the best spot for these breaks. They provide more than one advantages. Few of these are as follows:


    Engagement between workers should be a top priority at work places as this has the potential to make or break an individual’s performance. At the end of the day no matter who own the company or who is its CEO, each workers performance is what carries the company forward.

    Giving the workers the time to communicate with one another helps in building work relationships, friendships and trust between them. This ultimately leads to a more morale environment.


    The employees of the company might be having their won desks but every decision they make collectively affects the company as a whole. Thus, it is important that they have a mutual understanding and trust between them. They should be well aware of each other’s plus and weak points and must complement each other. This helps achieve better results for the company. This kind of understanding is not built overnight. The employees must be given time for breaks when they have conversations. Breaks generally pull employees to the water cooler where they hydrate themselves. Conversation around the coolers can range from the most insignificant matter to life changing decisions. The talks must not be restricted. These talks will eventually make the employees comfortable with each other and enhance their relationship, aiding in a more effective collaboration between them.

    These water cooler conversations even may help with distributing the workload and easy management.


    Companies don’t have a smooth run. There are various problems and it’s the employees who are given responsibility to find the solutions. A clouded mind cannot think straight. Moreover, one employee cannot alone think of a solution. When the workers meet around during their breaks, they share information regarding various issues and this gives them a better idea of the problem. These talks may not happen in a meeting room in presence of higher authorities as some of them may have low have low confidence and self-esteem. Thus, in a more comfortable surrounding such as around the water cooler they are able to put forward their suggestions.

    Also, it is in the fresh and interactive environment created around a water cooler that many ideas originate. In between the talks about sports, family or the new gadgets in the market, people may begin discussing the genesis to the next project. Each of these ideas and solutions can play an important role in the rise of the company.


    In today’s world, a workplace without stress is similar to a blue moon. In fact, it seems as though as one goes higher up the ladder and gets better, stress also increases. In time, this very stress gets in way of further climb. Taking a break in between work and socialising helps destress. Cool water and a pleasant conversation always works wonders against tension. The stress melts away and the productivity of the individual increases.


    Every company, however big or small they maybe have their own culture. But the employers fail to understand that this culture requires to reach every individual in the company. It creates a deeper bond among the workers and this ultimately helps in better turnovers. Water cooler chats are one of the most efficient ways of getting workers to socialise beyond the professional level and understanding the company culture.


    An adult human body is made up of 60% water and so there is no question of the importance of water in our life. An average worker works only up to 65% of his or her potential. This means they can be easily distracted, demotivated and get lethargic. This will further bring down their performance.

    Providing water coolers at workplace and ensuring the workers get time for water breaks helps in maintaining a good health. A better health means a better performance and a steady mind.


    Water coolers being a small expenditure have major impacts on the workplace environment and the health of the employees. It also helps in reducing stress and workload tensions. Water coolers provide the best corner for socialising and this gets the employees more comfortable around each other. A higher level of comfort between the workers reflect on the professional work too. A simple water cooler can make drastic changes for the company.


  • Top 7 Most Used Office Stationery and it’s Vital Role in your Life


    Stationary items are the basic requirement of any setup. In almost every office today, though computers are used, some of the basic stationary have not become obsolete. Let us take a look at some of them.

    Vital Office Stationery

    Paper- Wordpad, e-billing and other facilities are common these days but the importance of paper never reduced. It is essential  for every kind of work. It is easy to make a notepad document on your computer or laptop but there are always chances of not looking back at it in the correct time. On the other hand, you could write it down on a paper and fit it anywhere you like, be it on the soft board or on the desk or right in your pocket. All notices, documents, invoices require the paper from the company letterhead bearing the logo. Making small notes and reminders as well as business cards and for all other printing purposes, paper of different sizes and colours are utilized.

    White Board and Markers- Conducting a presentation or seminar requires whiteboards. It is easy and visible to a wide range of spectators, Using a computer with projectors is good enough, but explaining a crazy idea with all your enthusiasm is never possible on screen! They are also useful  during board meetings, training and many other purposes.  You require special markers to write on these and dusters to clean the boards. Today different sizes of whiteboards are available to suit your requirements. Whiteboard markers are available in colours like red, blue, green, yellow, black among others. Using different ink while explaining is always an advantage.

    Files and Folders- How tiresome and irritating it would be to search all over the office looking for a document, having no knowledge where you had kept it safely! Suppose suddenly you require the hard copy of an agreement from 10 years it is next to impossible to look for it, you have to actually search every corner without any hope of finding it. Important documents, agreements, bills, old records, cash memos and invoices can be kept safe and secure in an organized manner in files and folders. Different sizes and varieties of folders are available to different purposes.

    Pens and Pencils- Signing different documents, sending hand written letters, orders and many other hard copies are required daily. Multiple coloured and types of pens are required every day. While some places require ball point pens others require fountain pens. Important documents must have to be necessarily signed using green inked pens. Not only pens but markers, highlighters and pencils are also required. Just imagine you have to find a five-word line in a long page marked with a pen, or using a pen or pencil to write something important on a glazzy paper! Isn’t it terrifying just thinking about such situations? Well, that is exactly the reason pens, pencils, markers, highlighters as well as erasers, sharpeners, scales among others are required among the cheap and affordable stationery.

    Calendars- Tired of remembering multiple appointments, meetings parties and other occasions? Do you not get the time to put reminders on your phone? It time to get a calendar for your desk! Just mark the date and you are sorted. Today calendars are available with motivational quotes, pictures and various other types. Just pick up the right variety suiting you and your employees.

    Dustbins- At this point, a dustbin might seem a minute secondary requirement, But just try to visualize your office with trash paper, leftovers, plastic and other waste dumped all around on the floor! Exactly that is the kind of  nuisance you are looking forward to in case you feel a dustbin is unnecessary. Different sizes of dustbins are available, you can choose small, medium or large ones according to the different positions you wish to put them in.

    Staplers, Cello tape, Calculators- Papers flying around, getting misplaced are common problems we all face. Now, how about a page missing from a twelve-page bond or agreement. The situation would have never occurred if you would have stapled them together. Torn checks, notes notices can always be repaired using cello tapes instead of cancelling them. Using your phone or desktop calculator is not an option while working. Lengthy and complex calculators are required. It is advisable to have staplers, cello tapes, calculators provided to every cubicle in the office.

    The above-mentioned stationery is all most used and extremely necessary resources in every office. Along with these paperweights, clips, pins stick-on, water bottles are some other useful stationery you could provide to your employees. This stationery in vital in doing every kind of job in life and must never be ignored. It is always of utmost importance to look after the well being and ease of working conditions of your employees. After all, they are the resources for the best functioning of your company.


  • Sure fire tips to make an impressive project

    Sure fire tips to make an impressive project

    Projects have a significance in one’s life right from when you start your education. At kindergarten level projects involve drawing, coloring within shapes, origami etc. As you move into primary up to high school, projects require one to do a little research and present it in an appealing manner. Beyond this level, projects require one to put in more of their own than that collected through research. Sometimes it may involve the task of figuring out a path not walked before. So at every stage the word project does take on a little modification. So how does one describe project the best? Project is a series of decision making and performing tasks. A good project, no matter what the brief is will showcase the individual’s personality.


    Every project needs a little “kick” to it. But the truth is not many know the basics of a project. Often people just copy of a material they find first and submit the project. Well, even if you are not getting extra credits for your project, the skill you pick up in the process is worth a thousand credits in real life, so do it right. How to do your project right?


    First step to preparing a perfect project is to come to the reality that you have a project. Keeping it pending till the last moment is basically giving up on your ability to make an impressive project. So put down a schedule mention the time over which you should cross each milestone. It is necessary that you go through your past experiences and decide on the time required for you to do a particular task. Make realistic goals. Remember, getting an overview of the materials, going through what you find in the library, choosing the best fits out of the lot, taking notes and combining the various points does consume a lot of time.


    Wikipedia is honestly the best place to start your research. Go through each page searching for keywords pertaining to you project. Check out the connecting links and follow the suggested resources. Wikipedia’s hyperlink ed nature is what makes it the perfect source to start off. As you follow the suggestions, you have a lot of sites fitting your brief to select from. Now it is time you move out of Wikipedia and look into better sources. If they wanted to know what’s on Wikipedia they wouldn’t ask you to research on it.


    Yes you have the comfort of the web but the library is the ultimate temple of knowledge. Finding a good, solid academic book or an essay on your topic and you are set! As you sit with the tons of books, note down the name of every work that seems to have a significance to you. Remember going through the works of academic authors is a smart way as they are not very creative with their titles. It reveals the content perfectly for us to know if it’s what we are looking for. Once you are done with this, go through the authors you noted down. If there’s a certain author who’s other work you have read, the chances are you will be able to recall a few sources or points outside of what you found. Go through each of the books in your bibliography so far. From each of the books you will get mentions of other related sources and the chain goes on. In a while you will have way more sources than you need for the project. But why you do need them is all the sources mentioned may not be instantly available to you. So collect all that is available and now you’ll be down to a smaller number.

    • THESIS

    Technically, once you have the data in front of you is when your thesis emerges. But very often when the topic for a project is given, it is pretty vague. At times like these it helps to have a working thesis even before you start. Your working thesis must be a question that you aim to answer with absolute clarity. Anytime you come across a source that seems to help you answer the particular question, might be in brief or in depth, separate it out. If something does not seem to fit your thesis, discard it. In this manner you have what you need but avoid wasting time paying attention to material you may not require. Also, a working thesis ensures an organized and coherent output.


    The projects you must create are probably quite hefty ones. Don’t try to tackle the entire project at once. This is probably where you’ll lose your way and end up with a project that does not fit the brief. Divide your main topic into various subdivisions. Each subdivision needs to be handled separately. It is safer to not deal with them simultaneously. You can start by creating an outline of all the subtopic you must cover and then move on to understanding each of these subtopics individually. As you follow this technique and write your draft, you will see the connections between the pieces.

    Start your project with a clear idea of how to keep track of your notes and data and stick to it. For example, suppose you go for the most common one-subject notebook system. In a fresh page, write down Bibliography as the headline and note down the various sources you plan to refer to in points. Next page begin taking down notes and quotes. Make sure each point is short while giving a clear cut picture. Next to each point note down the source and page number from where they have been extracted. As you go through points, you will have certain opinions. Don’t ignore them. These opinions are also to be noted down as that is what will get your project its individuality. This is only one of the many system you can use. Index cards work fine as well. If you are comfortable and no your way around the computer, this is the most efficient way. You can create database, manage your various folders with ease and bookmark pages for fast retrieval. The important thing is to choose the right system for you and stick to it.

    Don’t forget the human help available to you. While the various material sources give you factual information, people have experience to talk about. These are again something that will make your project standout.


    When projects are given out, the expectation is for something unique covering areas that are not generally highlighted while not ignoring the obvious. The above tips will help you produce this desired outcome. Another obvious requirement is to submit on time. This creates a good impression on the evaluator. In the process of creating a project one picks up skills that can help them go a long way. So next time you get a project, rather than viewing at as a baggage, look at it as an opportunity to gain more knowledge and learn values.


  • Top 10 coolest stationery you would kill to own

    Top 10 coolest stationery you would kill to own

    Everyone wants to be the most popular one among his/her friends group and owning the latest gadget or any cool stationery item can help you top that list. You would surely want to turn heads while walking with that coolest backpack or a uniquely designed notebook for taking notes during the class. You would definitely want to own the most unique and amazing item that will snatch the attention of your peers. Here is a list of some of the coolest stationery that must be added to your possessions.

    1. Pencil Case

    You are never going to lose that favorite pencil of yours if you keep it organized and at a safe place. A pencil case is a best option to store all your cool collection of pens and you would not have to look for them here and there during the time of need. A wide variety of pencil cases are available with different shapes, sizes and extraordinary designs. It can be a useful stationery for both kids and adults. It can also be used as a make-up bag for the grown-ups. You can keep that lipstick of yours which might get lost in your hand bag. But a pencil case would help you to find it easily.

    1. Connect Pens Bucket

    A colorful bucket of pens every kid would love to own. It consists of different colorful pens which are used for coloring, drawing or sketching. But the coolest part it, these pens can be used for building toys of different shapes and sizes. Kids love to show off their creative talents and what can be a better way than building toys on their own. These products can bring out the kid in a grown up person as well. Who wouldn’t love to work with color pens that can be transformed into Lego toys?

    1. Seven Year Pen

    A pen that can work for seven years? Who doesn’t want to own a pen that will work for such a long time. You don’t have to worry about the refill or buying new pens or running out of ink during any crucial time. It is a Swiss-made and eco-friendly pen that claims to work for almost seven years without any trouble. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss on such a stationery that will add to your coolness quotient.

    1. Letter Holder

    Can’t find your important letters when you need them the most? A letter holder is a must in your stationery list in order to manage your letters at your workplace. You can arrange them according to their priorities and it is easy to pick out the required one from the lot. Managing your documents will become easier and in a prettier manner with the help of a designed letter holder for your work table. It comes in various shapes and sizes. You can also customize the designs and add beauty to your workplace with the coolest letter holder ever.

    1. Notebook+Pen-Pouch

    It is a two-in-one stationery kit for handling your notes in the notebook and perfectly place your pens behind the cover of the notebook without losing them. While you are ready to take the notes in your notebook. You no longer have to waste your time searching for a pen inside your bag. You can now handle them together as the pouch on the cover of the notebook can hold a fair number of pens, scale, pencil or eraser. This makes your work a lot easier and it is easy to carry as well. It is designed in a way so that you can carry the necessary items without losing them or wasting your time in search of them. It is one of the coolest stationery kit to handle your required items.

    1. Letter writing sets

    In the era of SMS and E-mails, we still crave for hand written letters from our loved ones. It is a way of making them feel special. By taking out time from your hectic schedule, when you scribble those words on a sheet of paper, it leaves the essence of your true feelings which cannot be delivered through electronic messages. The letter writing sets can be personalized to your name as well. These are wrapped in beautiful ribbons and gives an amazing look to it. It would be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones to receive a beautifully decorated hand written letter via post. So add this to your stationery list now and make someone feel special.

    1. Fluke books

    Fluke books are an amazing possession for people who love to write or take notes and who are always in search of a unique notebook for their works. It comes in different unique designs and you can own your favorite fluke book with the coolest design that no one else will have. The prints are exquisite and the paper quality is high as well. It is a must if you are fond of writing and collecting beautifully designed notebooks.

    1. Personalized Bags

    Carrying a bag with your favorite design printed on it sounds like a great idea. You can get your personalized bags with your favorite prints on it and carry your stuffs in it. Kids would love to have their favorite cartoon characters printed on their cute little bags and carry it to school. It is one of the coolest stationery item you must own and show it off to your peers.

    1. Notelet Sets

    Get rid of those boring party invites or thank you notes with the amazing set of notelets. Fold the papers according to the instructions and create funky designed notes for any invitation or thank you notes. You can use them to note down holiday dates or mark out birthdays in the most creative and coolest possible way. It gives an amazing look to the simple and boring details that you want to note down. You can form various animal posts as well out of the notelets and scribble words for your friends. It will definitely make you the coolest among your friends.

    1. Weekly Planner

    Are you one of those people who plans something but forgets by the time the date has arrived? You definitely need a weekly planner to record all your plans for the week and keep it right in front of your eyes so that the next time you do not have to disappoint your friend who has been waiting for you since long. You can note down your meeting dates as well and keep a track your weekly work plans. It is the easiest way to not forget any of your plans and always be on time.

    Don’t you already feel the coolness quotient going high? Imagine owning one of these items and walking inside your class or workplace and receiving all the attention you have ever imagined. Add these coolest items to your cart today and enjoy the extra attention.

  • Office Feng Shui: Making Success Habitual

    Office Feng Shui: Making Success Habitual

    In its highest and purest form, good Feng Shui is the perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.” – Lada Ray

    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice involving the arrangement of different objects in order to attract positive energy. Practitioners believe, everything around ones environment directly causes some impact in one’s personal life.

    Feng Shui expert had revealed, people usually turn to it in case they do not feel comfortable in their personal self

    As you can see clearly, Feng Shui is an extremely important concept in your workplace. It brings about positive energy (good Chi) into your life. Feng Shui in an office environment varies with what an individual is trying to achieve. It is never too late to add a Chi in your office. There is always some scope for improvement.

    Some Feng Shui tips to take care of you in an office environment

    • Keep away from Sha-Chi- Sha-Chi leads to gossiping, talking behind someone’s back as well as criticizing. These are surely not expected from you by your co-workers. It also deprives you of all your positive energy, leaving you drained.
    • Introduce strong Feng Shui Influence- Getting strong Feng Shui influence to your office, helps create Chi in the office environment. It also improves your relationship with your colleagues.
    • Refrain from facing another room- On looking up from your workstation, you must not be looking at elevators, restrooms, water coolers or the reception. These effectively act as distractions.
    • Maintain an even distribution of yin and yang- Ensure you match extremes in your office, like contrasting light and dark colours, dark and bright lighting etc. This helps combine both the elements forming the best Chi at your office.
    • Plants are an important symbol of Feng Shui- Plants help create a clean and healthy work environment. They are said to soak away all the negative energy from the office.
    • Types of plants- There are some really strong plants which are extremely good for an office environment. Golden pothos, Jenny Craig and Dracaena which promotes office Feng Shui.
    • Utilize crystals and rocks- Keep some rocks and crystals hidden inside your plant pots. It is told to absorb any sort of negative energy both from the rooms as well as in you.
    • An aquarium must be used- Fishes are considered auspicious in Feng Shui culture. Placing an aquarium in the north, east or southeast corner of your office would be very beneficial to you. In Feng Shui, this is a very important aspect.
    • Representation of metallic element- In order to represent a metallic element, try placing a safe in the north or west part of the office. In Feng Shui, it is directly associated with progress and prosperity.
    • Bamboo- It has been always seen, bamboo has been lucky for Feng Shui in offices. It should be kept facing the entrance of your workplace. It shall prove helpful, if you put some stones as well as crystals in the pot of the bamboo plant.
    • Concentrate on your computer- Your computer should necessarily be placed on the right side of the table. Try to surround it by an open shelf. It helps reduce tension and all types of destructive energy.
    • Workplace organization- The power of Feng Shui, if it can be reduced by something, is disorganization. A disorganized workspace is an indicative of a distracted mind. So keeping an organized workplace is a method to introduce the best Chi in your office.
    • Occupy a corner- Try to occupy a corner far away from the entrance, on the opposite side. According to Feng Shui, this portrays power and authority.
    • Do not face a wall- Ensure to keep your back towards a wall or any corner. Do not protrude your back.
    • Place an elongated object behind you- Keeping a high object behind you would prove beneficial to your back. It could even be a chair with a high rise back-rest.
    • Fix a core point- The strongest point of the Feng Shui symbol must be placed at the centre point of your office. This helps in increasing your positive energy and concentration.
    • Place your computer in the right place- The best points to place your computer would be the western or northern most corner of the workspace. These corners increase work speed, concentration as well as creativity.
    • Facing the door- If you run your own business, it is improper for you to face your back towards the door. It is symbolic of turning down a lot of useful opportunities.
    • The point of strong Feng Shui- It is necessary to have some photos framed in your office. It is the area which will have the highest positive energy and does not distract anyone.

    Different types of Feng Shui

    All around the world, three types of Feng Shui exist. There are two traditional types, while the third one is a modern approach brought about by America.

    • Compass Feng Shui- In this, practitioners use a combination of Land as well as Form Feng Shui. The compass is used to determine the correct directions for sitting and facing in the office.
    • Land and Form Feng Shui- This practice is concerned with the various elements of land and form that surround your office space.
    • Black Hat Sect Feng Shui- Exercise of this form of Feng Shui is controversial among the traditional practitioners. Its practice involves a bagua placed over your home or the office layout.

    Choosing the best Feng Shui symbol for your office

    Traditional Feng Shui practice requires immense knowledge and hence a professional expert is required to find the best Feng Shui symbols for your office.

    An analysis by an expert is not easy. It takes quite a lot of time, so till then you might consider following a few of the basic Feng Shui symbols, to obtain the best results.

    • Maintain the office and its surrounding as a litter free zone.
    • Maintain cleanliness at all times.
    • The reception should be inviting. This is the place where you can play with colours. So feel free to experiment as it will not hurt the Feng Shui principles.
    • Desk placement plays a huge role in your work. Make sure you do not face a wall or a corner. It can reduce your positive energy.
    • North is the position of power. If you want to win over the boss, managers, clients and co-workers, place your workstation in the north direction.

    Basic Feng Shui effectively helps in choosing great Feng Shui for your office.

    According to Feng Shui, an ideal office is a cabin for yourself. It’s most beneficial factor is that you can decorate it according to your judgment deciding on personal Feng Shui requirements. Having an extremely irregular room can lead to continuous frustrations, in that case, you might use mirrors, plants and lighting to overcome the irregularities. If the glass walls make you feel vulnerable, try hanging mini-blinds over the walls. Lighting plays a major role in work efficiency. If fluorescent lighting hurts you, try replacing them with a couple of tube lights. If at all that is not possible, get yourself some supplementary lights, such as table lamps, floor lamps etc.

    If your workstation is a cubicle, you might try the following:

    • Sit in a position from where you can sight the entrance to your cubicle.
    • To compensate for the small space in a cubicle, use vibrant colours, varieties of plants and other Feng Shui symbols to bring in more of Chi.

    If you are in charge of all the money related matters in a business, keep all doors leading to your cabin open, but keep the main door closed. In Feng Shui, this method indicates the incoming of money at all times, but not leaving you.

    Always try to carry a Jade Cicada around, especially to the office. It keeps away all types of confrontations in your office. It is also considered to be a great source of bringing good luck into office.

    The most important thing to understand is that feng shui is really about the energy that’s surrounding you in your personal space.” – Lillian Too

    Lillian Too rightly quotes the principles with the above quote.

    A Jade Buddha is an excellent feng shui cure since it has a soothing and curing nature. He had said, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha’s views were always dominant regarding the present life and Feng Shui believes in the same. It is important in life to concentrate on the present, there is nothing you can do to change your past or know anything about the future. So, try these Feng Shui methods and symbols to bring in the Chi in your life.

  • 10 coolest pens in the world

    10 coolest pens in the world

     Have you ever wondered how you can use a pen apart from writing? You must not have imagined about a pen that can help you in performing a lot of other tasks apart from writing. In the recent times, a lot of devices have been built in the form of a pen. Digitalization has improvised a simple device which was used only for writing on a piece of paper into a necessary gadget which can accomplish a lot of different tasks. The simple pens that are used for writing have been converted in the coolest and most amazing devices that can make your work a lot easier.

    Some of the coolest devices in the form of a regular pen with a sleek look are listed here. Add them to your list of gadgets and enjoy the multitasking with an easy-to-carry device.


    1. The Fisher Astronaut Space Pen


    This is the most fascinating invention for the modern world. This pen can write in zero gravity and also at any angle under a wide range of temperature conditions. Pressurized ink is used in this kind of pen which helps you to write over greasy or wet pages and also underwater without any disruption. The Fisher Space Pen Company introduced the space pen to the world and made it easier to write under certain conditions where the ordinary pens would give up.


    1. Color Picker Pen


    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pick colors from your surrounding and paint a masterpiece? That is exactly what a color picker pen does for you. With this amazing gadget pen, you can pick any color of your choice and use it for painting, immediately. It would absorb the color you required and you can put it on a piece of paper. This makes your work a lot easier and in the coolest possible way. It has a sleek look and accomplishes your work with utmost perfection. It is one of the most creative invention of new generation which has changed a simple pen into one of the coolest device.


    1. 5-in-one gadget Pen


    Isn’t it a marvelous feeling when you ask for one and receive a little extra? The 5-in-one pen is a multitasker. Firstly, it works like any other regular pen and helps you for smooth writing. Apart from that, it can also be used as a stylus for your touchscreen devices. This pen also acts as a pointer for your presentations. The mini gadget also helps you in darkness in the form of a flashlight. Finally, it can also save you from forgery by checking the bank notes. This mini gadget has a lot in store and is one of the coolest devices available. It is a pen which provides you a lot more than just writing on a piece of paper.


    1. Digital Pen


    This generation is mostly dependent on gadgets and robots and everyone is in a hurry to finish their work. Everybody is in search of an easier and quicker method to finish their work. A digital pen fulfils all the requirements and provides you one of the most astonishing devices in the form of a pen. This digital pen works as a USB drive which saves all the data which you write on a paper or a flat surface using this pen.


    1. The Scanner Pen


    When you see this device, it is nothing but a simple ballpoint pen but it can do a lot more than that. This pen can also be used as a scanner. Apart from scribbling words on a paper you can also scan your letters with the help of this pen. It makes your work a lot easier as you can scan all your important works with the help of a small and easy to carry device in the form of a pen.


    1. Recorder Pen


    The recorder pen is one of the most useful inventions till date. It is the coolest device available in the form of a pen with which you can record your data for later usage. This pen helps you in transforming all your written notes into electronics file. You can store the recorded notes in your smartphone or laptop by transferring the data through Bluetooth. This pen not only helps you in writing your notes but also stores them for future use. A pen in the form of a recorder is one of the most essential devices one can have.


    1. D: Scribe


    This is one of the coolest devices in the form of a pen which provides you a lot more than just writing. It can record your writings and then you can store them in your phone or laptop. Apart from that, this pen can also be used to send SMS or E-mails. The best part is you can scribble words and forward it to any person by just circling their name and it will send that particular message to that person. This makes your work a lot easier and saves a lot of time. You can enjoy all these facilities with the help of a simple device in the form of a regular pen.


    1. SD Pen


    As the name suggests, this pen not only helps you in writing on a piece of paper but also works as a SD card reader. It can lodge up to 4 SD cards and MMC cards. You have to unscrew the back side of the pen in order to fit the SD cards. You can connect the pen to your device and go through them. Isn’t it amazing what a normal looking pen can hold apart from writing? It is one of the coolest designed pens one can carry.


    1. Mini Cooling Pen


    This is a wonder pen and one of the most essential products during summer. The most amazing thing is that while you are busy in writing using this pen, you can also cool yourself a little with the mini cooling fan that is attached to the back of the pen. This device is easy to carry and the two-winged propeller fan adds to the beauty of this mini device. It is a two-in-one device which can provide you relief from the heat and also help you in finishing your notes.


    1. The Sprayer Pen


    Whenever we are in a hurry to note down any information we write it down on our palms if we are unable to find any piece of paper. But it does not stay for too long and not always you are able to note it down properly. Some information might get lost during this process. The sprayer pen is an incredible device which consists of a sprayer attached to the pen. It helps in creating a surface on your palms where you can note down information without any trouble.


    So hurry up and grab your gadget in the form of a pen. It is time to get smarter with the smart gadgets.





  • Good Office Etiquette

    Good Office Etiquette

    Be sincere, be brief, be seated.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Good Office Etiquette is all about carrying yourself courteously and respectfully in your office or workplace.

    First impressions are important! In many cases, you might be the ambassador of your organization.

    Importance of practicing good office etiquette


    It is absolutely necessary to conduct yourself in a genuine and professional manner at the workplace, in order to gain respect from your colleagues, managers, and clients. Working life at times can get very stressful but it is important to maintain the composure, keep a control on your emotions and not get too worked up. Inappropriate display of anger or venting out frustration in the office might leave a bad impression, not just about yourself, but leaving others feeling uncomfortable as well. I might suggest you do yoga to increase your self-awareness and gain better control of your emotions.

    I feel good office etiquette is the key deciding factor on how your colleagues may respond to you and come to your rescue when required. Your manner of conduct with your co-workers determines the ease with which you shall be supported by others. In due course of time they might turn into your “second family”.

    Although most of the office etiquette do not exist in black and white, it is left up to your own observance. A large portion of any social group will expect you to follow this unwritten etiquette at all times.

    Some ways to practice good office etiquette


    • Do not discuss your health issues with anyone other than your HR manager. Do so only if you feel it might affect your work.
    • Only share what is meant to be shared not gossip. Neither is it good for your reputation nor worth it. It can make or break your career but definitely staying away from it reduces a lot of unnecessary stress which can be avoided at all times.
    • Ensure not to discuss your holidays or any personal activities during work hours.
    • Try to stay away from the personal lives of your colleagues, unless asked.
    • Make sure to be careful about what you post on social media. It might adversely affect your professional life!
    • Be honest, act with dignity.
    • It is illegal to address your subordinates as “Dear, sweetheart, honey or babe” or bully them. This is sexual harassment.
    • Do not get involved in any sorts of sexual affairs.
    • It is not cool to chew gum or pop a bubble when your co-workers are around. Ensure that you abstain from it in front of your bosses and definitely your clients.
    • It is an absolute must to wear an appropriate uniform without any second question.
    • It might be cool and funky to display your tattoo or body piercings at a party, but definitely not in an office.
    • Take showers regularly, be as neat and clean as possible. Your ill habits are a discomfort to others.
    • Keep a handkerchief or some tissues handy. Use these instead of coughing towards a co-worker. Develop the habit of saying “Excuse me.”
    • Being courteous and respectful at all times with everybody is the elegance of etiquette and good manners. Good office etiquette can be easily achieved by being respectful at all times.
    • Treating the maintenance staff, cleaners, co-workers, and others with dignity and respect is a must. This earns you respect as well.
    • Knock before entering. Show respect for each other’s work-space.
    • Try not to interrupt others in their work. Always apologize in case you disrupt a conversation, meeting or any other activity.
    • The slightest courtesies shown to you must be appreciated.
    • It is important to be co-operative and helpful with your colleagues.
    • Keeping your computer skills up to date will prove useful in helping others.” Thank you, Please, you’re welcome” are your gems at all times.
    • You go to the office to work, so do your co-workers. Do not try selling anything to them.
    • Be responsible for the mistakes you make. Apologize and go about correcting them.
    • Instead of hovering around your co-worker as you wait for him/her to get off the phone, try leaving a note or if it is not urgent you may consider on returning later.
    • Do not try to be a Know-it-all. Keep to your own business.
    • It is better to leave your iPod at home, it disturbs workplace communication.
    • Speak clearly, but do not shout.
    • Passing sexist comments on a colleague’s uniform or looks is not what you are supposed to do.
    • If you are wrong, make sure to apologize. In doubt do not hesitate to apologize. It is not too much to do but definitely you do gain more respect from your co-workers.
    • Always remember, blaming someone for your mistake is a crime.
    • If your work is criticised by your boss, inquire politely what exactly is wrong in it. Discuss what is required but do not disagree with his/her opinion if he/she is adamant.
    • The benefit of doubt always stays with the boss.
    • Office etiquette requires you to be polite, to be thoughtful and interactive with your juniors. It is your responsibility to make them feel welcome and comfortable around you.
    • Reaching late is never an option and worse if you plan not to attend. Having a perfect excuse does not save you.
    • It is necessary to be punctual at all times. It emphasizes on how much you value your co-worker’s time, hence they are compelled to value your time.
    • At entry stage try to turn up before your boss does. It clearly indicates your eagerness to learn.
    • Be considerate of other’s feelings, do not get personal with your comments in a conflict of opinions.
    • In a meeting, all communication should take place through the chairman. There is no need to dominate a meeting unless you want to experience the backfire.
    • It is not appropriate to work with your papers when someone is speaking. Rather closely follow the proceedings without interrupting another speaker.
    • Do not disperse before the meeting is closed by your boss.
    • I can advise you not to be narrow minded in behaviour. That kind of behaviour does not help anywhere.
    • Elders have more experiences hence they can make better judgments, so they surely deserve respect everywhere, including your workplace.
    • Often I am amused with the funny ringtones in the office. Please mute your phones at the office at all times. Try not to set a fancy ringtone to prevent yourself from the embarrassment in case you forget to mute.
    • Always ask before borrowing. You might feel it is okay to borrow things from a person with whom you are in good terms, but it is definitely not the correct thing to do. If you ask before borrowing others will have the same respect your property.
    • Good office etiquette does not apply just within your workstation. It follows you to the kitchen as well.
    • Office etiquette also includes on how wisely you use the supplies. A productive usage of basic office supply creates a positive vibe among the people around you. They appreciate your approach for even the minutest details like how dearly you use the otherwise cheap affordable furniture.

    Office Etiquette to follow in the kitchen

    The kitchen is usually cleaned in the morning, office etiquette requires you to clean up when done with your work. It is your responsibility to keep the kitchen at office hygienic, clean and tidy at all times.

    It is not too tough to comprehend that unless you clean up your own mess, it is simply adding on to the collective waste, an open invitation to cockroaches, mice, and bugs to take a stroll down the crockery and cutlery at night.

    Managers do things right. Leaders do the right thing.” –Warren G. Bennis

    If you feel tired of ill behaviour in your office, here are some tips to deal with the offenders.


    • You do not require to reciprocate their bad behaviour,
    • Good office etiquette requires you to stay calm at all times, instead of getting emotional or angry. In case you are having a bad day, remember someone is having a worse time. A simple sympathetic comment might help you direct a co-worker’s behaviour in a better direction.
    • Meet your offender in a private location and try to make him understand how his/her behaviour has been affecting you. Do this without sounding rude.
    • To report infractions make sure to first understand the company’s business ethics very well.
    • If the ill behaviour continues even after speaking to the offender have a word with the manager or the HR.

    Often it is seen that the offenders are unaware of how co-workers feel about their behaviour.

    In order to improve the workplace culture do not feel hesitant to approach your co-workers or the manager who display ill manners. The worst scenario can be to allow them to continue with the bad behaviour. It not just decreases productivity but also decreases employee morale. So speak out your mind, but do so with compassion and kindness.

    Clearly there are distinct boundaries when it comes to touching practices in the workplace. We all remember the unfortunate blaze of controversy in regards to Vice President Joe Biden’s most “oblivious” hands-on approach towards the Defence Secretary Ash Carter’s wife during his swearing-in ceremony, don’t we? The office etiquette rules concerning touch are sensibly clear enough. The only professional business touch is a handshake. Unless your profession requires physical contact, such as hair stylist, doctor, dentist, masseuse among others, it is advisable to keep your hands to yourself.

    A few tips on office touch


    • Hugs are iffy. Hugging is always a judgment call and a wrong decision may leave you embarrassed for quite a long time.
    • Be careful of others’ touch tolerance. While some of your colleague’s maybe natural huggers, there are some who would even discourage a handshake.
    • Take consideration of the situation. A hug or a handshake may have different impacts on different occasions.
    • At all times, if you are in doubt, it is better to keep your hands to yourself.

    It is of utmost importance for you to remember, office etiquette is an integral part of your work culture. You can easily spoil your career and standing by neglecting it, similarly, following it will earn you a good reputation that lay the foundation to bigger and better things within the company.

    I am always saying “Glad to have met you” to somebody I’m not at all glad I met. If you want to stay alive, you have to say that stuff, though.” – J.D. Salinger

  • National Stationery Week: An unexplained obsession

    National Stationery Week: An unexplained obsession

    Does the warmth of a freshly printed paper make you all tingly and fuzzy on the inside? Is your highlighter the highlight of your day? Do you have beautiful dreams about the perfect writing device? Do clip boards and paper clips make you want to go Hallelujah!

    Then here is the opportunity to live those fantasies, no matter how unusual it might sound to the rest of the world. Because, officially the National Stationery Week has become a globally recognized event, which has received wide response from all over.

    The current economic times have witnessed a drastic decline in various businesses but one stalwart product has always been under the limelight- stationery. The niche business is all about paper and pen these days. As consumers thrive to be organised and reconnect with life’s most affordable luxury, the wide options that stationery provide is unimaginable.

    The How? Behind this holiday

    It was an ingenious idea launched by the Stationery Show in 2012, as a means of marketing and promoting all things stationery. The next year, the event blew off the charts and became a massive hit amongst the crowd. It went from National Stationery Day to National Stationery Week. Hence from 25th April to 1st May is stationery week and 29th April is stationery day.

    The importance of stationery in your life:

    If you are a stationery enthusiast, then you would know how nerve wrecking it is when people say “It is just a pencil.” What they do not understand is, this “just a pencil” is what taught them how to write for the first time. When you went to school, your biggest obsession was probably choosing the perfect pencil case. If anybody borrowed your pen, you would keep a keen eye on them so that they don’t chew on it. An artiste, a banker, a student, a teacher, a politician, a mother, a father and even the president uses stationery. It is omnipotent.

    Every human being has been guided and helped by stationery some way or the other. The school you go to, the office you work at, the movie theatres you visit and the roads you travel on, are all designed and impregnated initially by a pen and a paper.

    The world has surely gone digital, but a few still love the old ways. Everybody loves receiving heartfelt and meaningful gifts. And nothing beats personal with personalised stationery gifts, like a sweet message on a quality paper with a high-end efficient pen. After you have done your vast research on what they like or collected handmade items to create a masterpiece on your own, stationery is your last resort in making your magnum opus complete. Personalised gits initiated in the Victorian era, and the tradition has made an impressive revival.

    Personalised stationery gifts are perfect for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, farewell giveaways, as a token of appreciation, valentine day gifts and work functions.

    One of the most obvious reasons stationery has become resurgent is due to promise of letting people get organised. Stationery items like folders, dividers, labels and post-its provide an immense sense of satisfaction while doing paper work or projects. It also helps you de-clutter your workspace and in-turn your life as well.

    Like how words are for a sentence, stationery is for creativity. It helps you channel your inner Picasso and express in a more fun way with different types of stationery.

    When you are invited to a special occasion, would you feel more important when they send you a mass mail via the internet or a handwritten note on a beautifully personalised paper? Obviously the latter. It is a great experience for both the receiver and the sender.

    We all have grandparents who are technologically deficit. Luck them I would say. They actually know how it is to communicate as humanely as possible.  With handwritten notes and quality stationery, you can bridge a generation gap.

    The sad truth is, writing by hand is under brutal attack.

    The aims of national stationery week include:

    • To promote the significance of hand written letters.
    • To promote the importance of literature among the children of Britain and world-wide.
    • To raise an alarm to the consumer media and portray the importance of stationery.
    • To instil an awe for stationery and the companies that provide them.
    • And finally the most important one, to get the mass to finally spell stationery with an ‘E.’

    Amen to the last aim. It is very necessary.

    This celebration targets bloggers, retailers, consumer media, schools, parent, teachers and the trade press.

    Stationery is an object of obsession for the few. And if your obsessive -compulsive disorder (OCD) is towards the perfect stationery and clean work ethics, then you’re going the right way. Pamper yourself with everything stationery, but remember to never stay stationary with one item. Do you get the difference between both the words now? I hope. Happy Stationery Week to you.





  • Epic Easter Office Party Ideas That Will Make You a Hero In Office

    How many of you are familiar with the term “elfed?” How about the term “Jingling?” Sounds Christmassy doesn’t? That’s because it is. It was coined by a bunch of over-enthusiastic brainy maniacs, who we are extremely thankful to.

    Elfing or Jingling is nothing different than “Secret Santa.” You choose a person who you would like to gift and you go out of the way to find a something perfect for them. At my office, we drew inspiration from this and began a new game called “Bunnied.” It is played as a dedication to the Easter day. The game has other names as well like “Hopped.” Call it what you may, but here is the gist of that game.

    How to get Bunnied or “Bunnied” someone else?

    So this is how it is done. Send a mass mail to every employee in your office briefing them about this activity. Let them know the rules and regulation. Ask them if they are interested in playing this rather beneficial and interesting game and also ask them to spread the word. The more the merrier. Wait until you get a reply. This way you will not be forcing anybody and you will let “free will” take its due course. Jot down these names into tiny pieces of paper and let the participants pick any one. If you are responsible for hosting this game then a suggestion is that you begin preparation a month before hand. It is always nice to give more time to people, especially when it comes to gifts.


    Once you have picked a name, you have to keep it a secret. If it is somebody you do not know, then get to know them. Do not make it too obvious. If you are scared that you would appear transparent, get a friend to help you out. Again, do not tell him either who your bunny buddy is. Secrets spread like wildfire. Play it cool. You’re smart enough to figure out how. Now this is where your second opportunity to free will comes to play. You can choose whether or not you want to reveal yourself to them. If you do, you can always put a small card with a message acknowledging who you are. If you cannot think of anything fancy, then go ahead and put “You have been Bunnied by ____!”


    This the way we played in our office, but rules and methods can be changed as you wish. If you have better ideas in mind, well and good.


    How to play?


    Once you have decided who you are going to Bunny this year, begin the brainstorming. Now when we played this game at our office there were many amazing ideas imposed by the employees.

    When I came to my desk, I was startled by what I saw. My Bunny buddy actually decorated my workspace with cute little stuffed dolls, chocolates, easter cards, Lip-gloss and a gift basket which consisted of more chocolates from France, a Victoria Secret perfume and a keychain with my name on it. My biggest regret is that till date, I have no idea who that angel in disguise is. All I know is that he/she exists in and around me and it could be anybody. My even bigger regret is that now, I have to be nice to everybody.


    You have over a long time to decide what you want to gift them. It is no rocket science. The goal is to make someone smile, if you can achieve that, consider yourself a golden bunny. Do not stress yourself, that is not what the game intends.

    Nobody is expecting a pricey gift and neither should you. But going out of your way is always accepted and appreciated. For instance, cook for them. Who doesn’t like good food? If you are a bad cook then send them an invite to dinner.


    When this game was played by my friend in her office, she found out that many found this game child-like. What would you do if you encountered the same?

    This is where a little bit of marketing skills come into play. And the main motto in marketing according to me is “Giving.” When people realize that they are getting something especially for free, they want it. The second thing is “Rewards!” Tell them that there is a reward for those who take part in this. What reward you may think? Well, think. You know your office better than anybody else. In my office we luckily came across free coupons for a mid-night meal at a restaurant down-town and the first ten people to register for the game gets one coupon. We got fifty entries. So sell the game as much as you can.


    Gift Ideas for Easter


    The options are many. Initially, you must be thinking about low-budget gifts like candy, stuffed animals, candles or lip-balm. But this year I urge you to go bad derriere on it and kick it up a notch.


    If your bunny buddy is a girl then the following are perfect as a easter gift:

    1. A sweater with a sweet message on it.
    2. A bracelet
    3. If she is a tomboy then buy a cap which has a lingo imprinted on it.
    4. A ticket for a baseball match.
    5. A ticket to an opera.
    6. Customised shirt, cups or even a keychain for her file cupboard.
    7. A nice bottle of wine.


    If your Buddy bunny is a boy then the following are certain gift ideas for easter:

    1. A jersey of his favourite sports team.
    2. A deodorant.
    3. A tie.
    4. A hotel reservation.
    5. An invite to walk around town and engulf all the street food. I mean, think about which guy would not love that. Remember to mention you are sponsoring it.
    6. A ticket to a hockey match or any other sports event for that matter.
    7. Free beer for a month.


    The above are just suggestions, you can always put in your own style.

    When we had this game at our office the more practical one’s actually put a lot of thought in certain gifts. They were both helpful and long-lasting. One actually gifted my friend a new work table. Office stationery is also a good gift idea for a colleague. They will appreciate it a lot. Buy them a new printer, shredder, a whiteboard or even a new pen. It is worth the cost. There are many portals on the internet that provide you with cheap and affordable office supplies as well as furniture. Give them a try if regular store shopping gets costly.


    So there you go, a crazy yet beneficial way of getting free stuff on a holiday. Celebrate it with a good spirit and don’t get upset if your bunny buddy does not gift you. Maybe they are tight on a budget or they are highly un-enthusiastic. Stick to your principles and be a good bunny. For all we know, you might hop your way into their hearts. Happy Easter everybody!

  • Top 4 obvious reasons why spring cleaning must be your priority this summer

    Top 4 obvious reasons why spring cleaning must be your priority this summer

    When all seems dull and lost, the world brings in a touch of hope. Under the snowy façade lies an unborn life ready to burst through the barriers. The world will now be a happier place with daffodils and crocus flowers aiming at imprinting a smile on that face. The green, the blue, the yellow, the pink, the brown and the frowns are turned upside down.  It is spring! The season for rejuvenation and renovation. An excuse to start a new life or a new lifestyle.

    Spring comes with a package deal. It is spring cleaning and it means serious business. So get your gloves on, your dust mask tight and hold your broom strong and firm! Because we are going to turn the house upside down.

    The 3-W’s of Spring Cleaning:


    The history of spring cleaning is vast. Most of it are rumours. But the gist of it is that, during the winters, especially places with harsh winds and blizzards, the houses were heated with coal, good quality wood and oil. They often lit up with candles. This caused a havoc at the end of the winter season. The soot, the dust and, of course, the stubborn wax were almost everywhere.

    At the break of dawn, on the first summer day, they get down business. Each and every soul in the family (who escaped the savage cold) would storm around the house, pulling off the furniture, mopping the floors, replacing bed linens, scrubbing the walls, removing the dust and soot from canvases and probably de-lousing is the worst case scenario. While the rich ones would hire housemaids, who arm themselves with washrags and broomsticks. They would split themselves in to two power teams, where one would take care of the floors, walls and bookshelves while the others work on the more intricate spots of the house.


    On a warm and dry day. On a hot and sunny day. On a bright and happy day. On a… basically, spring cleaning can be just about anything, on any day. It is often a metaphor used to describe a heavy duty work or an important work done before an event. Example, you have an audit coming up and you get your affairs in order, then that is you doing some spring cleaning at the office. So go ahead, clean up whenever you feel like or you can wait till your floor goes missing. Works either way.


    Now this Ladies and Gentleman is why we are here.

    Why do we have to do spring cleaning?

    In the modern day, we no longer have soot, dust and coal marks engraving our homes. With the impeccable technology of heaters, centralised air-conditioning, vacuum cleaners and washing machines, little do we need manual help for heating our houses. But still there are certain trade-offs you cannot ignore: – Our homes are air-tight and full of harmful gases and chemicals from floor wax, wall paints and microfibers existing in our carpets. Our very own kitchen, where we cook and eat has filth that go unnoticed. And our ovens? How many of us actually clean our ovens on a regular basis? Here is a big tip before we begin. Get yourself an oven cleaner or a multi-purpose cleaner. Believe me, it will be worth it.

    But just like secrets, our homes too deserve fresh air and sunlight. So let us get the skeletons out of the closet.

    Spring cleaning and its benefits:

    Uno: It increases productivity and creativity.


    When you are cleaning up your entire house, you are bound to move stuff around. This, in turn, increases productivity by making you more energetic and de-cluttering your home. While you organize the things in your house, you are bound to find even the tiniest element like a paper clip or a marker pen and figure out interesting ways of its usage. Thereby increasing productivity and creativity. Moreover, think about it. Isn’t this exactly what a home makeover professional would do? So why to hire anybody when you can do it yourself and get maximum benefits.

    Organization experts say that the cleaning process itself increases the energy level of an individual.

    Dos: The health benefits are quadrupled.


    The experts say that a well- done spring clean can nullify the chances of developing a respiratory disorder. Especially at a time when allergies are a rife, the removal of allergens from your house will serve you well and good. If you have carpet as your flooring then the chances of dust mites clogging up are highly prone.

    For a change, remove the carpets and let your house sit in its natural form. Unlike the olden days, we now have things easy for us. There are certain effective and nature -friendly products like carpet shampoos, floor maintainers and floor polishers. They are basically janitorial supplies available in any retail shops or even top online stationery websites.


    Not only your home but also your work environment can be kept sparkly clean. If time is a luxury you cannot afford then maybe you could just clean your whiteboard spick and span.

    Tres: The ultimate stress-buster and releases serotonin and endorphins.


    Studies have proven that the act of cleaning or de-cluttering often releases serotonin and endorphins, the happy hormones. Sounds absurd? Did you know that 83% of the people in Britain think happiness is a clean house? Contrary to the popular belief that cleanliness is next to godliness, the majority of the mass agrees that cleanliness is next to happiness.

    And if the facts do not convince you then I repeat myself, we can wait till your floor goes missing. After which, put on some groovy music and get down to cleaning. You will lose weight both figuratively and literally.

    Cuatro: Gifting yourself with something new and liberating your life.

    It is a way of life that things have to get messy for it to become clean. And anyone who has cleaned their office cabinets or closet can vouch for this statement. Once you have finally cleaned the house, you will have a sense of accomplishment. And soon you will say, if I can clean my room in such a short span, then Mount Everest is going to be a piece of cake to conquer. Well, at least, it would make you believe so.

    It is human instinct to love rewards. So do just that. Reward yourself after you have cleaned up your home. And by rewards, I mean beautiful flowers or Jo Malone. If it is your office then buy yourself a new work desk or any office furniture at that.


    Spring is all about the new. A new life and a new start are always the way to go. Get rid of the old chocolates, worn out files and pens that no longer work. Got gifts from an ex who is not worthy of the nostalgia? Throw it out! Renew yourself. Find a new you. And maybe you will find a hidden answer you were searching for so long.






  • Not Today, But every day is “Mother’s Day”

    Not Today, But every day is “Mother’s Day”

    A women is a daughter, sister, and wife but above all she plays the role of being a Mother. A day would never be enough to let her know how special she is but there’s no harm in celebrating a day where we could all tell our mothers that we owe our life to them. Although we deny listening to her advices most of the time, we know that a mother knows best. From our first word to our first friend, our first teeth to the first fall, our moms have been the most integral part of the journey. A mother would know when her child is in pain and when they are hungry, and there can be no better cure than sleeping in her lap. She is the first teacher of our life and the only one who never punished us for the wrong deeds rather taught us the lesson, good or bad.

    I rely on her not only during my needs but during all the turmoil of my life because there’s no better guide than her. A childhood of a person sows seeds such that we turn into adults and our moms play the most important role in shaping it into a beautiful garden. I can never be thankful enough to my mother for every little thing she has done for me but I can be sorry for all those times I haven’t valued her words. There are times where we consider ourselves to be an adult and we neglect the advice of our mother, but with every wrong decision I have taken in my life, I have realized the importance of her words. Dedicate every day of yours to your mother but on Mother’s day, let’s just make her feel more special because with every step we take, she takes ten steps ahead of us.

    The celebration began in the United Stated during the early 20th century. It was first eminent in the year 1908 at St. Andrew’s Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia, in the memory of Anna Jarvis’s Mother. This place consists of the International Mother’s Day shrine in present day. Anna’s objective was to honor her mother and she continued with her work being an activist for the wounded soldiers of the civil war. She wanted to mark a day in the honor of all the mothers. She was successful in founding Mother’s Day but it was not considered as an official holiday as the US Congress had rejected the proposal. In recent times, most of the countries celebrate the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

    With the modernization, the celebration of Mother’s Day has gained popularity to a great extent. In our busy schedule, we have very little time to spend with our family. Thus, we take these occasions as an opportunity to let them know that we care. A simple act of love and care is enough to make our moms feel special. A mother is the backbone of the family and she gives all her time and life to create a beautiful family but she never demands anything in return except our happiness. But a token of love on a special occasion is never a bad idea.

    Gifts are the most vital part of every celebration and with the growing demands of different and unique gifts, the market of creative items have grown to a greater extent. There is a variety of gift ideas for Mother’s Day and availability of unique items that can make her feel special. Apart from the common idea of handmade cards there are a plenty of options available in the gift industry.

    Some of the best ideas for a gift on Mother’s Day can be the stationery items such as coffee mugs with a picture of you and your mom, a pen that has words scribbled on it such as ‘best mom in the world’, hand- made chocolates or a photo frame. If she is passionate about baking, cookery or baking items would be a great idea. Jewelry is the most precious possession of a woman and gifting her a beautiful ring or necklace on this special occasion would definitely make her happy.

    Adding more from the list, you can gift her designer candles or personalized wine bottles. If she loves cooking, buy her some latest kitchenware and crockery. You have plenty of options based on the choice of your mother. These are some of the stationery gift ideas for mothers on mother’s day. You can also buy her dresses or shoes and surprise her. Apart from the stationery gift items, you can also surprise her by preparing a meal for her on Mother’s day or baking a cake for her on your own. It takes a very little effort in order to make your mother happy because she has the least demands in the world and her children are the most prized possession to a Mother.
    Her entire life, she prioritizes her children and her family. In our everyday busy schedule, it is not possible to give our moms enough time but at least for this one day in a year, we could do something to make her feel special and tell her how important she is. If not every day, then at this one day we can tell her that we owe it all to her because without our mothers we would have been nowhere and without her dedication and love we would never have grown into a better person. Let’s take the opportunity and tell our Moms that not just today but every day of our life is Mother’s day.



    Good greetings me lady/lord, how dost thou?

    The headline seems to be contradictory doesn’t it? Why buy all the antique and then de-clutter? Well, because thy said so! Joking!

    Basically it’s a manifestation not many of us get. On March 2nd, the National Old Stuff day, do you buy old stuff with ancestral background or do you throw out the old stuff? Mind boggling at times, isn’t it?
    It is too mainstream to celebrate the common holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Easter. And to be perfectly candid, if you are celebrating V-Day, you might as well celebrate National Old Stuff Day. They go hand in hand. If you know what I mean?

    So if the confusion still lingers, here is an idea. How about we rid the old stuff and buy new things. Things that matter. Things that come in handy. Things that you buy, make a story of your own with it and make it your own personal ancestral icon.

    Apart from its synonym “Trash Day,” it is also a day to break the routine and initiate something new. We have all heard the popular saying “Same Old, Same Old.” But I would like to revise it by saying “Some old are still gold.” Because what’s old for you, might be somebody else’s treasure.

    So what could you give away? Your old sofa maybe? How about the ancient and worn out work desk, your withered file cabinets which rust away your important documents or even the smallest thing like your coffee mug.
    Anything and everything that deem useless or withered can be given away to charity or you can make profit by selling them away in a garage sale.

    It is all about exchanging or throwing out unwanted things both from your home or your office. Home is where your heart lies and office where your mind, or even if it is the other way around the rule still applies. De-clutter your surroundings to obtain a sparkling and insightful life.
    Buy yourself a new workspace. Fill it with cheap and affordable study tables, centre pieces and monitors. Buy yourself flowers and vases.

    Does your job require lots of drawing and planning? Then get yourself a new drawing board and paints. If you are in retail then maybe a new customized word variable stamp and stamp ink?
    You are a tutor or a home school teacher? Then how about a new white board or marker? I am sure your students will be impressed by the efficiency.

    It’s the small things that matter. If you are emotionally attached to certain things in your home or your office, scrutinize them. Are those memories worth your time? If yes, keep them. If no, recycle them.
    The possibilities are many. The reasons are many. The memories are many. But the chaos? That too is inevitable. If you do not feel like throwing away anything, then buy yourself at least a pen!

  • Office Politics: The Taboo you cannot ignore

    So, you held your breath, prayed to the higher power and struggled to fit in during high school. The popular and the arrogant got it all, whilst the nice ones merged in the background. Regardless of what happened, you graduated from high school. You escaped the close bound circumference of the seven deadly sins and went to college, worked harder than most. Alas! After those gruelling hours of hard work and sleepless nights, you bagged your dream job. And what happens when you are finally there? Its high school all over again. The picture perfect sycophant, the inevitable office head cheerleader, the gloat and of course, the Quarterbacks.

    Long story short, office politics is where there is a tension amongst the co-workers like back-biting, egoism, conflict in interests, difference in each other’s opinion and pure nepotism at times. Office politics is very persuasive. No matter how many times you tell yourself you will not be tangled in this web, you just cannot escape it. When you meet this taboo eye to eye, it’s only a matter of time before you to become a part of it. Do not be ashamed of it. The truth is most of the star performers have learnt the trick to overcome this inevitable boon or bane. It all matters on your perception.

    It’s simple, like a post it or even a printing machine. Know how to manoeuvre it and use it, then it is all yours. Else, trust me it will be all over the place and you do not want that.

    Office politics is the truth of life in any organization, whether you practice it, cherish it, avoid it or breathe it. It is all in your perception. You can use office politics at the expense of others or you could do it to better yourself and get your dream office with perfect office furniture and stationery to go with your diaries and planners. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?
    So let us get started on how to kick office politics to where it belongs to or pull it in and handle it like a boss.

    Become the ultimate planner:
    Here is what you must do. Plan. Observe. And then you must attack. You are living in the concrete jungle, and here it is the survival of the wittiest. Keep the following questions on your mind while you make a strategy.
    •Who is the strongest around you?
    •Who is the weak link?
    •Who are the influencers?
    •Who is the most respected and feared in the organization?

    Get up-close and personal:
    And by that I mean, subtly figuring out each and every one who poses a threat to you and their personal information. Find out who they dislike in the organization. Figure out who is head deep into interpersonal conflict. Spot the groups and the cliques. Find out why they stick together. Is it the friendship? The benefits via nepotism or is the respect and manipulation?

    Start from ground zero:
    After you have established the who’s who of your organization, get down to business. Never be afraid of making friends with the big shots. Make it more productive and less derriere kissing. Don’t stick to the influential ones only. Make friends with assistant, the copy guy or the mail man. Because information travels fast in all directions. Widen your network and refrain from sticking to one group of people.
    Play nice to the rough:

    I am pretty sure you have heard of the quote “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. It works wonders when it comes to office politics. The people who impart this politics in a harsh and cruel manner are often insecure and afraid on the inside. Let’s not get into the psychology behind why they do that, but here is what you have to do. Be nice to them. It will take a while. But when you are finally in the good books, you will notice life just got a tad bit better.

    Finally, it’s you against the world:
    The world doesn’t care if you are rich, popular or smart. The world doesn’t care if you are rude or nice. But guess who should care. You! If you can demolish people’s dreams and happiness and still sleep at night, go ahead. To each his own. But do remember, doing it the smart way will always benefit you in more than a million ways. Be the best version of yourself, stay positive, maintain your integrity, rise above the personal conflicts, be more assertive and less aggressive and lastly discourage politics within your own team.
    So there you go, how to tackle office politics with a sense of pride and pinch of wit.

  • Valentines day gift ideas for stationery lovers

    Valentines day gift ideas for stationery lovers
    V-day is coming and let us celebrate it with yet another ‘V’ as in Violet Supplies. It is the age old story where you gift your loved one with roses, chocolates, heart shaped pillows and a nice date. What if she does not like roses? What if she is lactose intolerant and chocolates makes her feel funny? Maybe she does not appreciate and understand why hearts symbolizes love.

    And to you girls out there, what do boys want on Valentine’s Day? Apart from the obvious, what else materialistic can you give him? The new X-Box game maybe? But why would you, so he could spend all his time with it than with you?
    It’s all hair curling and head scratching.

    Well, what if I told you that now you can gift them what they like, what they will use and what they will cherish forever. Because roses, they die. Chocolates, they digest. Pillows, they fight and a nice date? Well, traffic and bad weather can always ruin that. Or maybe a ghost from your lovers past might come for a visit. Not to kill the V-Day buzz, but precaution is always better than being sorry.

    Your valentine need not be your lover, it can be your parents, your best friend or even your nice neighbor.
    Buy them a present so good, that when they receive it they will praise Jesus Hallelujah! Buy them a present so useful, that when they have a need they think of you. Lastly, buy them a present so omnipotent, that you will be on their mind all day and all night. Sounds impossible?

    Here are the most ingenious ideas for a gift on Valentine’s Day and you will see why:

    1. A Post-it Pack: If your valentine is forgetful and has a busy schedule, help them remember what is important. A post-it is much more efficient than a diary or a digital reminder. Did you know that you are bound to execute a work if it has been written down as a command by your own handwriting? The reason why Post-its are commonly in yellow is because the colour yellow, tickles the memory cells in your brain and helps you remember them faster. You can also use Post-its to leave sweet and romantic messages on their mirror, their refrigerator or even better, use them as chits to write in riddles for a treasure hunt which will lead them to their presents. The best suggestions are products like “3M Post-it Super Sticky (76x76mm) Colour Note Pads Jewel Pop Assorted (6 x Pack of 90 Sheets),” “Post-It Super Sticky Cube Note Pad (90 Sheets Per Pad) 76mm x 76mm (Neon Pink) Ref 654-4SSP-EV-EU (Pack of 4 Pads)” and of course the “Post-It Super Sticky (76x76mm) Repositionable Notepads (Assorted Colours) Pack of 24.”
    But wait! With so many Post-its at custody, how are you going to manage them? Just an idea here, a Post-it dispenser. Good idea you say? Then get yourself the “Post-it BU-330 Z-Notes Dispenser Bubble Form (White) with Z-Notes Pad (Golden Yellow)” or an even better choice is the “Post-It Pro Z-Note Dispenser (White/Clear) with 1 Z-Notes Pad (76mm x 76mm) Ref PRO-W-12SSCOL-R330.”

    2. An office furniture: It is not just a piece of metal or wood, it is what your valentine will look at and think of you immediately before they get to it. Gift them a furniture and they will be using it at all times. They, their work, their important files and their basic requirements will all be placed on the gift you gave them. Imagine how impressed they will be with you. You will officially be the smartest valentine they ever had and they ever will. Get them cool Valentine’s Day presents like the “Bisley BS2E (W470 x D622 x H711mm) Flush Front 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet (Chalk White)” or the “Bisley BS5E (W470 x D622 x H1511mm) Flush Front 5 Drawer Filing Cabinet (Goose Grey)” which are file cabinets, perfect to store files in order, lockable draws and are supplied with two keys. It is sophisticated, trendy and, of course, handy.

    3. Equipment Cleaning: Chances are your valentine is a neat-freak. If not, big deal. No harm in wanting the best for your loved one, is it? Everybody has a laptop, a desktop or a whiteboard. Get them something that can help keep them clean. The desktop, the keyboard and pretty much everything gets dusty time after time. Do you even know how stubborn the dust can be? Especially with the tricky nooks and corners on each machine.
    Here is how you can make their work easier, get them the “Durable PowerClean (200ml) Invertible Air Duster,” “Durable Cotton Buds (1 x Pack of 100 Cotton Buds),” “Nobo (150ml) Deepclene Whiteboard Cleaning Spray” and the “Durable Workstation Clean Kit Triple Pack (100 Wipes in Each Tub)”

    4. Safety first: There are so many ways to say “I Love You,” like put on your seat belt or put on the “3M Anzo Peltor X3 Premium Ear Defender.” All though the latter is uncommon, it is also a very useful product to protect your loved ones ears, so that the next time you say “I Love You,” they will hear it just right. This makes a smart Valentine’s Day gift if your loved one works in a factory, or on a busy street or even Wall Street for that matter, because the noise is bound to cause physical harms eventually.
    Buy them extremely useful products like “3M E-A-R Classic Roll-Down Earplugs Corded (Pack of 200),” “3M E-A-R Earplugs Uncorded Foam EN352-2 Noise Level Reduction 36 dB Neon Yellow (Pack of 250),” “3M EC-01-000 EARCaps Ear Plugs (Pack 10),” “3M Anzo 4000 Series 4255 Half Mask” or the “3M 2800 Comfort Line Overspectacles (Clear Lens).”

    So there you go, a list of the few cool things which you can buy for your valentine, without looking needy, materialistic and ignorant. This Valentine’s Day, let’s get smart and efficient and impress our loved ones with our sheer brilliance. Happy V-Day to you!

  • Office Lives and Little Cheerful Moments

    We spend almost entire day at the office and that too surrounded by a screen, piled up files and tensed faces. What if? we make our office full of beautiful and colorful small things that gives us happiness and a smile on our face while working. A small moment of happiness and smile relieves us from tension and makes us efficient. Let us surround ourselves with those happy moments apart from a screen that put strain on our eyes and the chair inducing back pain. With time you are used to these pains, taking medicines and in your senile age you realize that you have impaired your body enough, not to relive it. Every aspect of this world is important in our lives to make the best out of living soul inside our body.
    First we should be aware of the fact that rays from screen are unhealthy for eyes and an anti glare screen cover can protect us from these rays. Less strain on eyes will lead to more focused work. It is the fact that people start using spectacles within a year only due to harmful rays from screen. Be cautious about these facts and always use anti glare screen cover on your computer system. If you love creativity, you can use adjustable lamps. These lamps illuminate the screen and reduce eye strain. Additionally, it creates positive ambience with its bright colors. It really generates an awesome feeling that you are working in sunlight and enjoying the colors of nature.
    The second important obviously known fact is that continuous sitting on chair put strain on backbone. But people ignore these facts in daily haste of work or sometimes due to laziness. The rationale of this system is that we are doing jobs to be a living entity in this world and the work is endless. Yet we say that, in most of years of our lives we have been so busy to give it a simple thought. It immediately requires a permanent solution for betterment of your living abode. A simple back seat cover gives you more comfort while doing work. Then why not spend just ten minutes to get it which will make every further minute more comfortable. We are always in hurry at office as to complete many task in short period of time. But, as we know the fact that we have to spend entire lives here only in office then it is really amazing to make it comfortable for us and in turn for our colleagues. These are our lives, so better to make it comfortable for everyone.

    Apart from health concern we can also spent our time beautifully in the office. Though, apparently office is not the lovable place but we can make it so with little efforts. There are many small things which can make you feel happy about your work. Colorful things are smoothening naturally for human mind. It is proven that colors reduce anxiety and boosts productivity. We can use colorful stationary and can decorate our ambience using colorful items. The daily used items like colored pens and highlighters develop interest and create a light mood for the work. Organize your pencils, pens and other stationary items with attractive pen stands. Decorate your desk with beautiful plants and smiley balls. A colorful mouse pad makes you feel good while operating it. We also need a calendar to organize work schedule or for our leave plan. It should always besides you on your desk. You can mark the dates on it to keep check on schedules and your leave plan. Along with these decorative items, it is necessary to make them look clean. Always keep screen and keyboard cleaners on desk to maintain cleanliness of your precious and most used items at workplace. A well organized and clean space leads to clear thinking, reduces stress, attracts good energy and makes your aura positive. Positive aura gives way to healthy mind and body. Thus these small, inattentive daily used items can ameliorate your state of mind and hence makes you a magnate.
    The stationary items are useful for many works nowadays. We always need these items for some important tasks like form submission, making cards for friends or posting a letter. Alas! It is really tiring to do personal works after reaching home from office. We may need to complete some important personal works in week days. To execute that you should always be handy with stationary items in your drawer like tape, glue stick, envelope, cutter, scissors, A4 sheets. It brings ease in your life and avoids haste at end moments. We use these items on daily basis in office. Colorful sticky notes are very useful while instantly noting down important points and also looks beautiful when sticked on desk boards. Also we can present a small birthday note to our colleagues using these colorful sticky notes. It makes them feel special.

    Everyone in this world wants to feel special and creating that special world at your work place makes its atmosphere attractive and positive. An idea of implementing “know your colleague” theme creates friendly environment. Be innovative and hang a board on your department wall in your office. A Colorful chart with employee pics and description about them can be displayed on the board. This way you can get to know your colleague better and it develops healthy relations among colleagues. It creates importance of each employee and makes them feel special in every aspect.

    In addition, sometimes we need to work in harsh environment like in onsite jobs. We need to take care of ourselves at these places. It is always said that health is wealth. Attention to protection equipment can save our lives in difficult situations. We should carry halmets, sport shoes, gloves, and goggles at these places. These save us with proper use. All work but no play makes your life gloomy. Even a ten min break during working hours is relaxing and good for healthy emotions. Taking green tea or some energy drinks make these minutes more interesting and brings productivity for coming hours.

    Moreover, while working in office, many ideas pop out in our head. Ideas can come at even 3 pm in night. One should always carry one diary every time. Keep one on office desk and always write down the ideas in your mind. Though these are apparently insignificant but it can be big like it happened for Newton.

    Thus innovative and adaptive office environment develops happiness in work place, encourages and fosters comfortable space to work for and creates a source pride for all.



    Good Morning, Mr Ripper”

    Hello Bob!” said the boss.

    “Well, bugger off to your perfect office whilst I suffer in this dump” thought Bob, the hardworking employee.
    Bob smiled. He knew what was waiting for him in his office. A clumped up chair, a keyboard which requires him to stretch himself out if he has to type on it, a wooden floor which squeaks and plants which provide no motivation whatsoever. It clearly was a dump.
    Do you know what Bob lacks? It is it motivation? Or maybe an imagination? Probably it is just office ergonomics.
    What is office ergonomics?
    Ergonomics is the study of how your body retorts to your surroundings.
    Office ergonomics is the study of the relationship between the worker and the workplace.
    You may think you are working really hard. You may feel tired at the end of the day. But if you sit at a desk all day, your life is sedentary. This lifestyle takes a huge toll on your health, both physically and mentally. Uncomfortable chairs, low desks, poor spacing of the items on your desk and the office environment all play an important role when it comes to Office ergonomics.
    Poor office ergonomics not only impacts your health, but also your business. And everybody wants either health or wealth, sometimes both. Now imagine if you can have none.
    If you are still not convinced, here are a few statistics:

    1.The average adult spends 50%-80% of the day sitting at work.
    2.2/3 of the people in the working class are over-weight.
    3.Back pain is one of the top ten reasons for a disability.
    4.Musculoskeletal disorders are high for the working class.
    5.In one-half of office workers, 16% complained of having severe pain at the end of the day.
    6.A worker spends over 1500 hours in front of a computer.

    You do not have to worry much, because most companies take office ergonomics very seriously. When the ergonomic risk factors are nullified, the employees have maximum productivity and that in turn benefits the company.
    Many companies hire an EHS (Environment, health and safety) team, who take care of the employee’s comfort and benefits.
    If you think, how you sit and where your mouse is placed or even where your file holders are kept does not matter, then think again.
    Here are a few guidelines on how to utilise the office equipment to your benefit:

    1.Your throne (AKA your chair): The height and width of the chair matters. The height should be such that your feet is placed comfortably on the floor. You knees should be in level with your hips. If your chair does not provide lumbar support, place a cushion at the curve of your lower back. Your elbows should be above the desk level. An easier way is to buy a chair that support your lower back, has an adjustable elbow rest, a foot rest and a tilt feature. If a foot rest is not available then get imaginative with a stool or a stack of books.

    2.The rodent problem (Your mouse basically): Your mouse should be placed in the same level as your keyboard. When you use your mouse, your wrist should be straight and relaxed, not bent or twisted to either side. You can use a wrist rest if needed. Keep your shoulders relaxed. If you are taking a break, rest your hands on your palms, but never on your wrist.

    3.your monitor (No fancy names): The level at which your monitor is placed is important. It must be placed directly in front of you, not in the corner or above you. It should be in an arm’s length reach, around 18 to 30 inches away. The top circumference of the monitor should be a little above your eye level. Try and select a monitor which reduces the glare. If not, switch off the lights causing the glare or close the curtains. Try to place the monitor next to the bright source.

    4.Posture (or your gait): This is an obvious guess. Straight. You must sit straight. Not only that but centre your body to the monitor and keyboard. Try not to cross your legs. Instead, place it on the foot rest. Your thighs and elbow should be parallel to the ground while resting. Your desk must be of a certain size and height, such that you will have place to move your legs freely. Do not store anything under your desk. It creates clutter and a discomfort in your lower body.

    5. The essentials (like the stapler, glue and pens): Keep these essentials close to you. Make sure you do not have to stretch to pick them up. If so, always stand up and receive it. Do not strain yourself. Use a headset, so that you do not have to strain yourself in picking up the receiver on a telephone.

    A few more guidelines regarding office ergonomics:

    1.Do not press your elbow or hands on sharp objects on your seat.
    2.Give your eyes a break by gently massaging it or by looking at something distant.
    3.Adjust your screen brightness according to your comfort.
    4.Walk around your office. Do not sit for too long.
    5.Place plants, potpourri or even family or friend’s pictures. It is always bound to make you feel better.
    6.You can always exercise in your cabinet or office. Try to perform stretches.
    7.Try to use all your muscle groups while working. Get imaginative.

    There are many online platforms which provide ergonomic furniture, like ergonomic chairs and keyboards.
    The guidelines mentioned above are conventional. Ergonomics has taken a modern twist. Like the following:

    1.The conventional method says place the monitor 18-30 inches away, but you have to place it at any distance you prefer as long as you can see the content clearly.
    2.The conventional method suggests you place the keyboard close to you. But that is unnecessary, as long as your elbow and wrist are well supported, you can place it at any distance you’d like.
    3.The conventional method says keep the mouse away, but practically keep it near you. If it is near the keyboard then it is the best choice of placement.
    4.The conventional method says you must keep the monitor a little above or at par with your eye level. This is fine, but some find it more comfortable to place it below. So find what suits you best.
    5.The conventional method says a straight and constant posture is definitive. But a posture change is always better than a constant pose. Do not slouch but sit straight. Find the posture that suits you, then again do not slouch.
    So there you go, simple yet efficient ways of making your professional life more comfortable and bearable. You have the conventional method and you have the modern method. Find what suits you best.

    Office ergonomics is a wide platform. There are ongoing debates on whether their guidelines are effective or not. It may seem to be limiting, but it had many positive effects on your health. If you are the boss, then remember a healthy and happy employee is likely to stick around and deal with you better than the contrary.
    Happy ergonomics to you!

  • Office New Year Resolutions

    It’s the time of year where we reflect on the year that has past and we make New Year’s Resolutions to make this year better than the previous year.  As most of us work in offices and we spend more time here than anywhere else Violet Office Supplies have some resolutions you can do in the office.
    Learn A New Skill
    You could ask a colleague to teach you something they are good at or sign up to an evening class and learn something completely different to your day to day job.  This could change how you approach your current job, it could lead to promotion or even a new career.
    Build Positive Relationships in the Office
    Your work colleagues may not be people you would chose to spend time with outside of work but as we spend more of our time in the office it is important to have good relationships at work. Find some common ground so you can start a conversation.  Offering a helping hand to your colleagues when they need it will help improve the morale in the office and it will probably be remembered when you need help too.
    Brighten up your Work Space
    Try adding your favorite photo or a plant to your desk or buy a few of your favorite coloured desktop accessories to add a bit of colour to your day.
    Improve your Work/Life Balance
    If you have a better work/life balance you will be more productive whilst you are at work.  Make a ‘to-do list’ it will help you be more organised.  Try to break up your day into segments and allocate tasks that you need to do each day.  Add these to your calendar so you will get a reminder when it is time to move to the next task so you do not spend to much time on one task.  After some time you will complete each task in the time so you will be able to get all your work done and leave on time too.  You could even us some the new skills you learn to speed up each task!
    Making some simple changes like taking a packed lunch to work or making your tea/coffee at work could save you money.  You will be surprised how much you could save over the month for something nice.
    Do More Exercise
    You probably won’t feel like taking up cycling to work in the winter months but you could get off the tube or bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way or go for a walk on your lunch break. You will feel better for it

  • Time to ditch the corporate look and let you creative side show in your office

    Time to ditch the corporate look and let you creative side show in your office

    Do you think an office space needs to look sensible, dull and corporate? Here at Violet Office Supplies we would rather see an office space that shows creativity, is vibrant and is an inspirational place to work?
    Creating a workspace with personality could be as simple as adding the right colour scheme. Minimalists may favour a black and white colour scheme while more eccentric people might choose more vibrant colours. A pastel colour could be just what you are looking for to create a calming space to help you concentrate.
    But be careful about how many colours you use to decorate with. As a general rule use three colours. Two contrasting colours and one neutral base colour. The colours you choose are up to you it could be black and white with a pale yellow or white with splashes of violet and pink.

    Try to only use small touches of the most prominent colours. You could have a white desk and chair and choose some hot pink accessories so the pink will not become to overbearing.Another thing you could try is to add some texture to your workspace. Timber is an easy texture to introduce using furniture you could also try adding some leather.Encourage your staff to decorate their own desks. Plants, photographs and artwork are great ways to personalise your personal workspace. A feature lamp or even small touches like bright stationery can help add personality to a workspace.
    If you are more understated you could have a leather tablet cover or a brightly coloured laptop bag to show your creative side.
    It can be easy to overdo styling the office you should avoid creating an office space that is too busy but don’t worry if it looks a bit busy it is also just as easy to remove one or two pieces to avoid over styling.
    We have put together a few items that we think will help give you inspiration. Check out our website for more ideas!

  • New Customers or Existing Customers – Who gets the best deal

    It seems to be the case that the best deals go to new customers. Does it pay to be loyal to your supplier? Every company providing a service or selling a product wants to win new business. In many office supplies companies they will increase the prices for existing customers to compensate for losses they make trying to win new accounts. Here at Violet Office Supplies we are different of course we want new business but we do not increase the prices for our existing loyal customers.

    For a new customer who is looking for a product that could be bought from many suppliers the prices will normally be lower than if you was an existing customer. For example I had to renew my car insurance last month. I shopped around for a few quotations and saved over £198 on the renewal quote I received from my current insurer. Not bad for two hours work!

    Deals for new business are normally just a hook and cannot be sustained for long. Prices are likely to increase gradually so it may go unnoticed for a while. Constantly check the price for your good with other suppliers is time consuming. We will give you are best price and fix it for one year so you do not need to waste your valuable time scouring the internet for the cheapest price.

    If you have been with your current stationery supplier for a while now contact Violet Office Supplies to see how much we can save you on your office supplies and remember the prices we quote will be fixed for a year, To save you time you can send us your recent invoices from your current supplier and we can send you a price comparison.

    In conclusion new customers do get good deal but not always at the detriment of existing customer. At Violet Office Supplies every single one of our customers is important!



    Here at Violet Office Supplies we believe honesty is the best policy on your office supplies.

    Office Stationery Pricing

    We don’t offer you low prices on office stationery that you don’t need or will never use. We offer everyday stationery at low prices and free next day delivery. We appreciate you just want to go online order your stationery and have it delivered on time with the least amount of fuss.


    We offer rewards on purchases that can be turned into money off vouchers to use on next order giving you excellent value for money.

    Special offers

    We regularly send out vouchers and run competitions for additional discounts on stationery and furniture in our product range.

  • Promotional Stationery Pens Pencils Paper Pads

    All business and companies need office accessories to function. For example, stationery like Promotional Stationery Pen Pencil Paper Pads etc are used for doing daily tasks in offices and also need to replace at some point of its life cycle. Promotional stationery pens, pencils, paper pads can be used by your staff but also used to promote your business.

    All companies like to get the cheapest but best quality office stationery available. One way to save money is to bulk order your plain stationery. Here at Violet Office Supplies we can help you save up to 85 % money on your stationery orders and if the companies can spend a little extra within their stationery budget, Promotional Stationery pen, pencil, paper pads helps them a lot.

    If the customers get more exposure of the branded items, they are more reminded to get the product and services. If the company supply promotional stationery, customers try to associate the company with quality products and services.

  • Save Money on your Office Supplies

    Tips to Save Money on your Office Supplies

    Bulk buy and save

    Most suppliers will give you a discount for bulk buying. So stock up your stationery and janitorial cupboard. For example you will save money if you buy 1 x 5 litre of cleaner rather than 5 x1 litre. You also cut down on your packaging waste too.

    Don’t wait until your stationery runs out

    Order your stationery before it runs out, don’t wait until your toner cartridge has run out and you have to pay for a same day delivery or make a quick dash to the local shop. You just need to be organised and plan ahead. Try encouraging your colleagues to notice when supplies are running low and ask them to let you know.

    Buy remanufactured toner cartridges

    You could save up to 50% by buying quality remanufactured toner cartridges for your printer and photocopier. You are reducing toners going to land fill, you can also send your old cartridges to a recycling centre where they can be refilled for their next owner.

    Use refillable office stationery

    There are many stationery products like highlighter pens and biros that are available with re fillable ink or cartridges. The refills are cheaper to buy than buying a new unit.

    Use less paper

    Spell check your documents before printing
    Set the default setting on your printer to print double sided
    Keep a pile of scrap paper near your desk to make notes
    Recycle any paper waste
    Reuse and share office supplies

    Why buy new stationery when you can reuse? Designate a shelf in your stationery cupboard for supplies like lever arch files, ring binders and folders that can be re-used by other staff. Also keep your stationery cupboard tidy and organised. It will save you time and money, you will not waste 10 minutes looking for a red pen then ordering more because you could not find the new box at the back of the cupboard under the notebooks.

    Let Violet Office Supplies help you save money on your office supplies. Contact us and ask about our bulk buying discounts or the quality remanufactured toners we supply.

  • We Will Always Need Paper and Pens

    We Will Always Need Paper and Pens

    In an increasing number of offices tablets and smartphones are beginning to be seen as office necessities. Many busy activities can be completed by a tablet, smartphone, emails and social media. Also with the internet now readily available than ever before, anything we want to know is no more than a couple of clicks away. However with all of this technology available paper and pens remain some of our top selling products.

    Technology changes at an astonishing speed. There are constant updates and replacements to make technology faster and better. Paper and pens have been around for thousands of years. Unlike computers and other technology paper and pens do not become outdated.

    Paper and pens are probably some of the only office supplies that do not go out of fashion. Computers, tablets and phones all have software to make notes but most people still prefer to jot important notes, dates and information down in a notebook with their favourite pen.

    It can be argued that a piece of paper and a pen are the most essential of office supplies. If all the technology in your office spontaneously failed to function, you would still be able to do a lot of the work with a pen and some paper, so at least some work could get done.
    Sometimes, it just feels good to write things down with your favourite pen!
    If you need any pens, paper or any other office supplies, you can visit and browse our full range of office stationery products.

  • Office stationery supplier in Dartford, Kent and London

    Violet Office Supplies is your local office stationery supplier in Dartford, Kent and London

    Benefits of using a local stationery supplier

    When you are faced with the task of looking for a new stationery supplier it is easy to automatically go to the big well known national and multinational companies. There are many advantages of using a local office supplies company like Violet Office Supplies in Dartford to meet your stationery needs. The big stationery companies often have a vast choice of products at competitive prices but smaller local office suppliers can offer services the big ones cannot.

    The big companies you know the ones I am talking about may have the products you need but will your deliveries be on time? With so many orders that need to be packed and shipped each day some orders will be incorrect or delivered late. You will not have these problems if you use a Violet Office Supplies. We have fewer orders each day and less clients to focus on which means we can give you and your orders our full attention.

    If you do experience any problems with your order or delivery with one of the big companies you may find it hard to speak to someone to resolve your query. Your local office supplier knows that all of their customer are important and strive to provide friendly, honest and unrivalled customer services. You will often have an account manager to contact directly to get you query resolved in the quickest time.

    Large office supplies companies cannot offer the personal service a smaller office supplies company can. Here at Violet Office Supplies we know that we have to provide excellent sales advice and post-sales support to keep our customers coming back. We win and keep our customers by promising and delivering great customer service, high quality stationery at an honest price.

    So when you are looking for a new stationery supplier look at your local supplies. You can be safe in the knowledge that your stationery orders will be correct and on time leaving you worry free to concentrate on your business.

    If you would like to know more about the products and services Violet Office Supplies can offer or would like to make Violet Office Supplies your office stationery supplier in Dartford, Kent and London please feel free to

  • Tips On Choosing The Best Office Chairs For You


    Chairs or one of the most important parts of the office furniture. Choosing the right office chairs for your needs is essential to ensure that your health and productivity are not negatively affected by a poorly suited chair. To help you choose the best chair we have put together a list of some of the most important things to consider when choosing your office chair.

    Seat Structure

    Many people working in an office will be sitting down at their desks for many hours each day. It is important to invest in ergonomic office chairs. Ergonomic chairs are designed to give better support to someone who uses it throughout the day and helps to reduce back problems, pain in the shoulders and neck.
    The height of your office chair should be adjustable to allow you to make proper adjustments. The optimum position for your chair height should allow you to have your feet flat on the floor at all times while your thighs are parallel to the floor
    Seat width and depth is something that is not adjustable but you still need to ensure that the seat width and depth of your chair fits your specifications. The ideal seat should allow you to sit back completely in the chair without edge of the seat digging into the back of your knees or legs, being able to sit right back is essential otherwise you will not receive the full support of the backrest.
    Check the lumbar support. This refers to the support given to your lower back, this is where most back trouble starts and you need to have a seat that will address this issue and help prevent any damage. Make sure that your chair does not force you to slouch while seated, this will strain the lower spine.


    Other this to look out for when choosing an office chair that contribute to how ergonomic it is are
    In the office you often need to move around to get things on your desk, if you have an office chair that swivels it allows you to move to get things without stretching

    Adjustable armrests make a massive difference to how comfortable an office chair is. The best arm rest position should allow your elbows and lower arms to sit lightly on the arm rest when typing. Look for a chair where the height and the distance apart can be adjustedAm office chair with wheels is preferable to a stationery one. Being able to move around your desk area easily will reduce stress on your back

    Other Factors

    Choosing a chair that is visually appealing to you and fits in with your office decor is also important.
    Making sure your office chair is ergonomically designed is important for your comfort, health and productivity It is also important to take frequent breaks to walk around and get plenty of fresh air. Sitting down all day even in the best chair available is not good for your metal or physical health.

  • Tips for a Greener Office

    Tips for a Greener Office – Green Office Supplies

    Tips for a Greener Office

    At home you might be eco-conscious and do your bit for the environment, but it’s easy to forget how wasteful we are at the office. We all know that our office could be greener but with our busy days it is easy to forget to put that waste paper in the recycle bin or switch the lights off after leaving the room. We could all probably do with being more aware of how green we are being. There are plenty of green office supplies and environmentally friendly improvements that could be made take a look at out top tips. Just implementing a few of the ideas can make a huge difference.

    Stop Wasting Paper

    On of the biggest differences an office can make to being greener is to cut down on the paper! Some offices get through thousands upon thousands of sheets every year. Much of the waste created in the office is paper waste that can be recycled but the average employee will just throw it away in the bin they have next to their desk. We have some tips on how to save paper and recycle more

    Use electronic communication to avoid printing and faxing
    Set you printer to print double sided by default
    Add ‘ think before you print’ message to the bottom of your emails
    Reuse envelopes for internal mail
    Have many recycling bins around the office

    Use Less Energy

    Energy can be one of the most easily managed resources within your workplace and can often lead to the greatest reduction in costs. You probably don’t leave the lights on at home all day, so why do we do it in the office? Do you really need all of the lights on? The awareness of how many lights are switched on in the office is a start of a positive change. Turning them off won’t just make your office greener, it will reduce your energy bill too. Here are a few more tips on how to save energy

    Turn of all lighting and computers at the end of the day
    Reduce the temperature on the thermostat by 1`c. You staff will not notice the small change
    Close all windows and doors when the heating or air conditioning is on
    Use natural light where possible
    Relax the office dress code when the weather is hot

    Work from Home or Encourage Car Sharing

    Consider allowing your staff to work from home sometimes. Working from home can be just as productive if not more productive than working in the office when managed correctly and will help to reduce carbon emissions by not commuting to the office. It is not always possible to allow staff to work form home so reducing the amount of vehicles on the road would be the next sensible step. Car sharing, cycling and public transport, are all ways we can help to reduce our negative effect on the environment when travelling to work. You could send out an email or put up a poster about car sharing and offer parking spaces for employees who car share first or make it clear to your staff what the local public transport options are along with travel times.

    Buy Green Office Supplies Products

    Environmentally friendly stationery products used to cost more than regular stationery. It was to be up to the environmentally responsible company to pay the extra money for items of stationery that were made from recycled materials. These days have gone and recycled stationery is something that is both competitively priced and widely available. Refillable ink cartridges, recycled paper and notepads, non-toxic marker pens are all excellent stationery products but also better for the environment. Take a look at your stationery cupboard and see how many of the items in there are environmentally friendly.


    IT’S TIME TO SPRING CLEAN Spring has finally sprung, the crocuses are out, there is blossom on the trees and the sun is shining. It’s time to clean out the cobwebs, de-clutter your desk and do some spring cleaning. Cleaning and getting rid of the clutter makes your office feel more spacious and fresh. You probably don’t have much time day to day to do much cleaning as you get tied up doing your work, now is a great time to do it all! Before you start have everything you will need from cleaning products to lever arch files

    Organise your Desk
    Remove everything from your desk so you can give it a good dusting. Go through what’s on top of your desk. Do you have paperwork scattered everywhere? why not put a filing cabinet under your desk with folders or letter trays on your desktop to help you keep everything tidy and organised. Are your pens rolling around all over your desk? Invest in a pen pot! Find out which organisational tools work for you, and use them

    Clear your Computer
    Now you have taken care of your desk, it time to clean your computer. Maybe you never delete an email or are you the type of person like me who saves every single potentially interesting article to read later and then is surprised that scrolling through takes a while? You may be a E – hoarder and not even realise it! There are apps available that analyses a number of different desktop applications, including your web browsers, and erases any files and data that can be safely removed. Take the time to fully clean out your inbox by organizing emails into folders and archiving older content. You will find it a lot easier to navigate to messages also your computer will run a lot faster

    Check your stationery cupboard
    Do you have a problem with keeping old stationery you will never use. Clean your stationery cupboard out to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Also make a note of what supplies you seem to be missing. Whether it’s some bright highlighters or a packet of fresh Post-Its, ensuring that you office is stocked up for a fresh start.

    Hang Hooks for Coats

    Personal items like coats will quickly overwhelm a space if they don’t have a specified place for them. Try hanging hooks in your office to organize your coats, bags etc. Get in to the habit of hanging these everyday.

    Grab your shredder, it is time to get rid of some of your paper waste! Go through your files and papers to determine what can recycled and what needs to be kept. One great way to create more space is to scan all of your documents and save as them in an electronic format.

  • Mistakes to avoid when choosing printer paper, A4 paper, A3 paper

    Mistakes to avoid when choosing printer paper

    Printers come with multiple features these days to accommodate users needs in the office or at home. Depending on the job you are doing and the printer you are using you will need to order paper that is suitable. Buying the correct printer paper is as important as choosing the right ink.Everyday printer paper will be fine for home use and for office documents that will only be seen in your company. However, if you are printing important documents that will be seen outside your organisation and you want to make a good impression you paper choice will be very important We have put together some of the most common mistakes and advice on how to avoid making them yourself

    Wrong Colour Paper
    The whiter the paper you are printing on, the better your colour or black and white copies will look. Printer paper comes in many colours but if you want your documents to look impressive and professional the whiter the better. If you are printing flyers or documents you want to catch peoples eyes coloured paper is a good option, however remember photos and text colours vary depending on the colour paper you are printing on.

    Wrong Paper Finish
    The finish of the paper you use when printing photos and presentations is very important. Choosing the wrong paper to print photos will result in poor quality dull-looking photos. There are different paper finishes, glossy and matte finishes are the most common.Glossy finish are ideal for photos that will be in photo albums or used in scrap booking. As well as photos this paper finish is good for greeting cards and presentations . Matte finish paper is low gloss and are ideal for photos that will be on display or framed as the low gloss cuts down on the glare.It is also important to think about the size of the photos you want to produce

    Wrong Paper Opacity

    How well paper stops light from shining through it is referred to as the paper’s opacity. Everyday printer paper is fairly translucent and you can see shapes through it. Heavier paper will be thicker and therefore opaque. You will need thicker paper if you are printing presentations if you have lots of graphs and colourful pictures as it stops the inking bleeding through the paper.

    Paying Too Much for Printer Paper

    Choosing printer paper at a great price is important. Here at Violet Office Supplies we have a large range of paper products from everyday printer paper, A4 paper, A3 paper to labels and stickers at great prices. Please contact us for advice on the best paper for you or a quotation today.

  • Envelope Buying Guide C4, C5, C6 and DL envelopes

    At Violet Office Supplies we have a wide range of envelopes for you to choose from.  We sell all of the popular sizes C4, C5, C6 and DL envelopes in a variety of colours, sealing options and window or non windowed.  We stock all of the brands you know including Conqueror, Basildon Bond and 5 Star. Use our guide to ensure you choose the correct envelopes to fit your requirements.  We have selected the most commonly requested sizes and types and put them in an easy-to-use guide.When buying envelopes, the main factors you need to consider are:Size – Closure Type – Window Option – Colour – WeightSIZEThe most common envelope sizes are C4, C5, C6 and DL.C4 ENVELOPEC4 envelopes take an unfolded sheet of A4 paper. C4 envelopes are slightly bigger than a piece of A4 paper, C4 envelopes are recommended for correspondence that you do not want to fold, for example a CV or job application.11  C5 ENVELOPEC5 envelopes take an A4 sheet folded once down the middle or an unfolded A5 sheet. A C5 envelope is a more common size for mailing letters.113C6 ENVELOPEC6 envelopes take an A4 sheet folded twice or an A5 sheet folded in half.114DL ENVELOPEDL envelopes take an A4 sheet folded into three parts, which is the same size as a compliment slip. This is a common size of envelope and most offices send out their correspondence in a DL size envelopes. 115 CLOSURE TYPEEnvelopes come with one of three closure types: Gummed, Peel & Seal or Self-Seal (Press-On). Gummed: This type requires the layer of adhesive along the flap to be moistened before closing. If large numbers of envelopes are being mailed we would not recommend this closure type.Peel & Seal: similar to a strip of double-sided tape, this type has a strip of tape that is peeled away from the envelope flap to reveal a thick layer of adhesive which seals instantly.Self-Seal: This type is where two layers of adhesive on each flap are pressed together to form an instantly strong bond. This style has a shelf life of approximately six months, so do not buy more than you need in that time.WINDOW OR NO WINDOW OPTIONSWindow envelope allow you to simply print your letters or correspondences and slip it into the envelope without handwriting the address or adding an address sticker. Window envelopes are ideal for sending invoices or mailshots.COLOUREnvelopes are available in a vast range of colours, the two standard colours for general correspondence are white and manila.  Please contact us to discuss other colours available.WEIGHTThe three most common envelope weights for envelopes are ;80gsm (light weight)These weight is the most economical and fine for sending every day post like invoices.90gsm (medium weight) and 100+gsm (heavy weight)If you are concerned about security, sending heavier items or want a smarter envelope that will not easily get crumpled in the post medium to heavy envelopes are what you are looking for. 

  • Essential Office Supplies for a New Business

    Essential Office Supplies for a New Business

    Have you started a new business in 2015? Here is our list of the essential office supplies you need to get your business up and running

    There are lots of different paper to choose from copier paper, inkjet paper, laser paper, recycled paper or fancy headed paper. Choosing the right paper for the job can save you money and make a great impression.
    Have some pens in your desk tidy, you can never find one when you need them. Whether it’s the ball point for every day, highlighters or some branded pens to let people know about your new business. Don’t forget a fancy pen to take on your business meetings.

    Have some pens in your desk tidy, you can never find one when you need them. Whether it’s the ball point for every day, highlighters or some branded pens to let people know about your new business. Don’t forget a fancy pen to take on your business meetings.

    Plain or ruled, wirebound or spiral choose the right notebooks for your business. Notebooks are great for jotting things down quickly.

    Diaries help you stay organised and keep track of your important meetings and tasks you need to do as a new business owner.

    Sticky notes
    Available in different sizes, shapes and colours sticky notes can brighten your desk up. Great for leaving messages for co-workers or a little reminder of something that must be done.

    Files and folders
    There are many files and folders to choose from. Lever arch files, ring binders, expanding files or suspension files. Choose the files that best suit your needs. They are also available in different colours to help brighten up your office.

    If you choose not to get a stapler now you are bound to regret it. You will need to staple some paper together soon and think why didn’t I order one before.

    You probably won’t send much in the post but invest in some good quality envelopes to make a good lasting impression on your customers.


    If your company will be handling confidential documents or documents with addresses don’t just throw them in them in the bin shred them first.

  • Office Storage Solution

    Office Storage Solution
    It is essential your office is organised to run effectively. Having a well organised office reduces the risk of lost documents, papers or files and increases productivity. Your staff will not be waiting their valuable time looking for mislaid pieces of paper. At Violet Office Supplies we have a wide range of office stationery available for filing and storage, to help keep your office tidy and running well. Storage of your documents is important however it is also important not to clutter your office with filing cabinets and bookshelves. Violet Office Supplies offer a large selection of storage solutions for your office at low prices and with our many years of industry knowledge we can ensure you choose the right storage for your office needs.

    Before choosing your storage solutions it is important to know what products are available so you select the best option for your office needs and the space you have available.


    Probably the most common type of filing solutions in offices. Filing cabinets are available in many different sizes, shapes colours and materials. Violet Office Supplies have a wide selection of filing cabinets from one to ten drawers, some have wheels to make them easy to move around your office when need and many are lockable so you can keep your confidential save and secure. Ensure you purchase the correct size filing cabinet for the space you have available. Filing cabinets are ideal for the safe storage of documents like receipt, legal documents and invoices. They offer easy access to the documents filed and are easy to keep organised. Violet Office Supplies also have a wide range of accessories to make sure the documents are labels and easy to find.


    Bookshelves come in many different shapes and sizes and are great if you have books you want to display or allow easy access to. You need to check the space you have available in your office as bookshelves can take up quite a lot of room and are not always the best use of limited space. If you are tight on floor space speak to the team at Violet Office Supplies to see how we can help. There are options available including tall bookshelves or bookshelves that can be secured to the walls.


    If you are tight on office space digital storage could be a convenient cost effective storage solution. Many of your documents need to be kept for at least six years, this potential is a large area of your office taken up with storage. Digital storage software makes it easy to store and retrieve you old documents. The two types of digital software which store you documents safely are OCR systems and optical disks. OCR software can read different forms of writing documents and optimal disks are widely used for document and file storage. When choosing digital storage you need to ensure the software is compatible with other software you already use and you have to back up the software in case of any IT hiccups.


    Label makers make it quick and easy to label your files, filing cabinets and storage boxes clearly. Making it easy for your staff to find documents quickly without wasting time. There are many types of label makers on the market but for most offices a basic label maker will be perfect. Contact Violet Office Supplies to see what label maker best suits your office need.

    As well as labels makers Violet Office Supplies have many other products to help with you stay organised in your office. From marker pens, sticky labels, archive boxes, plastic wallets, dividers to a wide variety of files including suspension files, expanding file, lever arch file, ring binders and box files. Let Violet Office Supplies take care of all your storage needs.

  • Choosing the Right Printer Paper for your Office – A4 80gsm printer paper

    Choosing the Right Printer Paper for your Office There are many types of printing devices on the market today. Selecting the right paper for the documents you want to produce and the device you are using is important to getting the results you are looking for. Printer paper is the most frequently reordered office supplies. Here are a few tips on purchasing the right printer paper for your office from the types of paper available to what the best uses for each are. Copier / Multipurpose Paper

    An everyday copier/multipurpose paper (A4 80gsm printer paper) is lightweight and inexpensive. They can be used in virtually any printing device, photo copies, printers and fax machines. This paper is perfect for file copies, faxes and other office documents. These kinds of printer paper are not the best choice for important documents that will be seen outside your office.


    your office. The paper is super smooth to allow the toner particles to bond to the paper. A heavier, brighter paper can make important documents like presentations and marketing material look impressive.Inkjet PaperThis type of paper is specifically for inkjet printers. The paper allows water based inks to dry quickly without bleeding. This produces brighter colours compared to using a multipurpose paper. Heavier weight inkjet papers are great for important documents when you need to
    impress.Colour Copy PaperThis paper has a special coating to withstand the heat from colour laser copiers. The colours will be vibrant and look professional. Colour copy paper is available in a range of different sizes and weights. Paper SizePrinter paper must be the correct size for the documents you want to produce and the printing device you are using. The most common printer paper purchased in the UK is A4 paper. A3 paper is double the size of A4 paper, it is not used as often as A4 paper in offices. A5 paper is half the size of A4 paper and is often used for flyers and leaflets. Weight and brightness The heavier the paper’s basis weight, the thicker the sheet will be. Everyday printer paper weights between 80 and 90 gsm. Printer paper for important projects, such as business letterheads or documents that will be seen outside your company should weigh 100 to 120 gsm. Heavy paper for business cards should weigh 160 gsm. The paper’s brightness is the amount of light the surface reflects. The thicker and brighter the sheet the better your documents will look and feel.

  • Helping your staff through the January Blues

    Helping your staff through the January Blues

    So today is Blue Monday the most miserable day of the year! Christmas is over, new years resolutions have been broken, the weather is cold and miserable and the Christmas bills are hitting your doormat. Everyone’s feeling the January blues.In the workplace this can have a knock on effect on the wellbeing and motivation of your staff. Ensuring that your employees are happy and productive is important to the success of your business. Employers need to find ways to motivate their staff for the year ahead.

    Here at Violet Office Supplies we have a few ideas so you will have the happiest staff and workplace this January.
    Start an employee recognition scheme
    January is a great time to start an employee recognition scheme to highlight the great work done by your team. You could offer awards and cash prizes.

    Explain the big picture
    Let your staff know what exciting projects and activities you have planned for 2015 and how they will be involved.

    Offer flexible working for your staff
    Your employees no longer need to be tethered to their desks 9 – 5 Monday to Friday. Mobile devices and Wi-Fi allow your staff to work from virtually anywhere.

    Think about an office make-over

    Why not give your workplace a fresh look? You do not need to spend thousands of pounds. You can freshen up your office with a few simple changes to your furniture, office layout and decor.

    Add a few plants, re-arrange the furniture, you can open up the space and maybe even encourage more teamwork, a fresh coat of paint is a cost effective change you could make. Why not ask your staff to choose the colour?

    Stock up your stationery cupboard

    Banish the blue Monday blues by splashing out on new stationery. Think of it as a new wardrobe for your stationery cupboard.

    Contact Violet Office Supplies today to see how we can brighten up the gloomiest day of the year for you and your staff.

  • Plain Stationery or Promotional Stationery?

    Have you held a piece of paper this week?

    Used a pen today? Had a coffee out of mug?2

    Don’t be surprised if the answer is yes to all of these questions.

    In every workplace across the country there is a need for office stationery including pens, pencils, pads, copier paper and mugs to help with the day to day running of your business.

    Should you buy plain or branded stationery?

    The cheapest option is to buy unbranded office supplies. For example you can buy a pack of 50 5 star pens from Violet Office Supplies for £8.57 that is 17 pence per pen compared to 20p-40p per pen for one of our top selling promotional pens.

    It works out much cheaper to buy plain stationery so why should your business consider promotional stationery?

    “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time”

    Henry Ford

    Last week I was waiting for my train and a man asked if I had a pen he could borrow. I give him one of our Violet branded pens. We got chatting and he give me the details of the person at his company responsible for the stationery orders. So for our 20p promotional pen we have a new lead and potential new customer for Violet Office Supplies to work with.

    If I had given him a plain pen would it have had the same effect?

    Branded stationery can leave a positive memory of your company and promote your business to potential customers. Imagine walking into a business meeting and everyone has pens, paper pads and mugs with your logo and branding on. It gives the impression your company is looking to impress. First impressions count and you only get one chance.

    Can you afford to miss out on the opportunity which can be gained by something as simple as a promotional pen or mug? Speak to our team at Violet Office Supplies to see how we can make your business stand out from the crowd.

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At Violet Office Supplies, we provide an exemplary range of office supplies at discounted rates, making it impossible for you to turn your gaze away. Currently, with over 35,000 home office supplies to choose from, we have everything from the humble pen to the highly sophisticated measuring instruments.Office Supplies, Furniture, Ink and Toner We are a bunch of motivated and dedicated folks aiming for the highest peak of the e-commerce business. Our war cry is to make stationery, not just another object, but rather an “Object of Affection.” The cheap and affordable office supply we host are of top quality and is trusted by all of our customers. Speaking of our customers, they are literally our top priority. We pride ourselves with our impeccable after sales relationship we have with them. The beginning of this relationship is the quality business supplies we host. We have everything needed from the basic cheap and affordable office stationery to the discount office furniture. We have furniture for home-based offices, reception area, personal cabinets as well as for the entire office decorum. The furniture we host is ergonomic as well as pocket-friendly.
With so many office supply companies to choose from, why to settle for the second best when we are around?
Because with secure payments and the most experienced staff, we are constantly increasing our product range day by day to help support our customer’s business requirements. The truth is, we get what we pay for, but at Violet Office Supplies you get a tad bit more. We have discounted products and deals for our customers every week, making us a genie in the bottle. We know what busy lives our customer leads and we tend to make it easier. We understand their requirements and troubles. It is easy to stick with what you now, and we know stationery to the T.
Why do we breathe and preach stationery?
If you are a stationery enthusiast, then you would know how nerve wrecking it is when people say “It is just a pencil.” What they do not understand is, this “just a pencil” is what taught them how to write for the first time. When you went to school, your biggest obsession was probably choosing the perfect pencil case. If anybody borrowed your pen, you would keep a keen eye on them so that they do not chew on it. And correcting those who do not get the difference between stationery and stationary. An artist, a banker, a student, a teacher, a politician, a mother, a father and even the president uses stationery. It is omnipotent.
Every human being has been guided and helped by stationery some way or the other. The school you go to, the office you work at, the movie theaters you visit and the roads you travel on, are all designed and impregnated initially by a pen and a paper.
How can you benefit yourself and others from stationery?
The world has surely gone digital, but a few still love the old ways. Everybody loves receiving heartfelt and meaningful gifts. And nothing beats personal with personalized stationery gifts, like a sweet message on a quality paper with a high-end efficient pen. After you have done your vast research on what they like or collected handmade items to create a masterpiece on your own, stationery is your last resort in making your magnum opus complete. Personalized gets initiated in the Victorian era and the tradition has made an impressive revival.
Personalized stationery gifts are perfect for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, farewell giveaways, as a token of appreciation, valentine day gifts and work functions. One of the most obvious reasons stationery has become resurgent is due to the promise of letting people get organized. Stationery items like folders, dividers, labels and post-its provide an immense sense of satisfaction while doing paper work or projects. It also helps you de-clutter your work space and in-turn your life as well.
Like how words are for a sentence, stationery is for creativity. It helps you channel your inner Picasso and express in a more fun way with different types of stationery.
Why should you invest in an E-Commerce stationery product?
Nearly every shop sells stationery products. But why to waste money on gas when you can save more on supplies. We strive endlessly to be the most affordable office stationery company in the United Kingdom. We treat our competitors with utter respect, but we also monitor their offers and rates to make sure our customers know what they are getting themselves into. We are adamant in providing world-class service to our customers.
What can we offer our customers?
We have a variety of options for even the basic product like paper. A few worth mentioning are office paper like copy and printer paper, high-quality laser paper, fax paper suitable for both home and office use, carbon less copy paper and our remarkable range of recycled paper. Our example for categories includes ink cartridges from well-known companies like 5-Star, Epson and HP. Others include inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges and toner cartridges. Our second category is writing instruments which again host an immense number of products to choose from. Products like highly durable pens to the disposable ones are available with us. We also have rapidograph pens and wax marker pencils.
Our next category worth mentioning is the mailing supplies. In the era of SMS and E-mails, we still crave for handwritten letters from our loved ones. It is a way of making them feel special. By taking out time from your hectic schedule, when you scribble those words on a sheet of paper, it leaves the essence of your true feelings which cannot be delivered through electronic messages. The letter writing sets can be personalized with your name as well. These are wrapped in beautiful ribbons and gives an amazing look to it. It would be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones to receive a beautifully decorated a hand-written letter via post. So add this to your stationery list now and make someone feel special. Apart from the obvious envelopes we also have paper clips, staplers etc. We even have letter holders. Why? So it will be easy to find your important letters when you need them the most. A letter holder is a must in your stationery list in order to manage your letters at your workplace. You can arrange them according to their priorities and it is easy to pick out the required one from the lot. Managing your documents will become easier and in a prettier manner with the help of a lever arch file or an expandable folder for your work table. It comes in various shapes and sizes. Label your personal belongings and never lose them again. Because our labels are strong, durable and smudge- free.
Believe it or not, but we also have janitorial supplies, protection gear, personal care products, arts and craft material and much more.
We have discounts on our ink supplies like Ink and Toner, printer ink, hp ink, toner and printer toner supporting the products we offer.
For the tech-savvy out there, we host an array of office technology, making us one step ahead. Office machines for the binding purpose are available at prices you will never believe. The other technological products we host are inkjet fax machines, laser fax machines, overhead projectors, shredders, photo–conductors, telephone handsets and USB flash drives. The list does not end here. We even have smartphones and laser toner cartridges, making us efficient and a helping hand in need. We are in great support of your business, which is why we also have business forms and office forms.
It is a tangled mess of options out there for the current generation. In the end, it all comes down to which company cares more and offers more.