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Clean up your computer for a swift performance

Computers and laptops have become an integral part of our day to day life and its influence in comparatively larger in our lives including work routine. You might have been using it for a long time and it’s quite happening to feel that your PC has become a snail in its speed of work. At that time, you obviously would have thought of getting a new one instead of the slow working systems as it has become little old, right? But, don’t you worry guys, it’s viable to make your computer work faster with easy cleaning up ways which are going to discuss in detail. You might not have noticed the need of certain things like deleting unused applications and finding out the files which uses more space, are of great use and these will also help you to extend your laptop’s span of life.

Delete/Uninstall applications and programs of no use – As a first step, you can always head to delete or uninstall the programs and apps which is unused and of no use anymore. It is preferred because these programs consume bulk amount of space in hardware and can cause the slowing down along with affecting RAM even while the system start up.

In different versions, different methods could be found as in Windows 7, you can remove unused ones by clicking start followed by control panel, programs and to ‘uninstall a program’. When it comes to Windows 8,you have to search for ‘uninstall’ and you will be able to see exactly ‘uninstall programs to free Disk Space’. If you are using much upgraded one like Windows 10,its more easier because it already combines a tool for removing it showing ‘add or remove program’. Users always have to keep in mind to remove those apps which you are not needed In future. Ensure that you completely delete all traces of programs mentioned above. If you want, you can go for the search of best ‘uninstallers’ for your laptops and PC.

Be conscious to clear malicious contents – you have to often scan your system to keep it safe and protected from unwanted and malicious virus. Even without your knowledge, these viruses contented programs can easily invade your laptops and grab your important and needed files. They can interfere your privacy and are capable of making your computer slow. So, be sure to have an effective anti virus software and regular scan for your device.

Stop apps and programs running by default – along with the removal of unneeded programs, you can always try to stop these things from working by default and leading worse performance when you start windows. You better have a check out of all the startup programs and decide which of them you don’t want to load automatically while booting. Make sure that you have had a thorough check on these where as there are some other default programs which are needed and usually load while system starting. There exist another option of free boot analysis tools which are very much easier and helpful for this need. It can both disable and delay the programs as per your need. If you want some to start loading after the booting of your device got completed, you can also permit it.

Here also, for different types of variations, you should get it done by various steps. For windows 7,go to menu bar, start tab in the configuration windows and uninstall or delay those you don’t want and followed by clicking OK. If it is the version of windows 8 or 10,you can do this in the task manager by clicking search icon, type task manager, press enter and select the icon of it. When you choose startup all the applications will be available and you can make changes as it would already be appeared the levels based on the performance. Finally, you can right click and alter it.

● Try experimenting a new browser – you are looking out for new ways to maximize the performance the device and one of the simplest ways is to change and experiment new browser in a while. Though almost all the default one would be Chrome, could be a standard browser but also a bogart when it comes to RAM. so you can change and start experiencing other popular browsers including Firefox, opera or internet explorer.

Defragment the hard drive – for the overall rapid improvement of your computer, you need to sort the files on hard drive into contiguous sections. So that the data could be found and accessed in a quick manner. This procedure is done because the datas you have collected are on different places and randomly kept. It might not have been saved twice or thrice, still be in different portions/sects of information. Through compacting these, all these random and various sects of files can bring  together and held in the middle of the disk. So there would be fast access by making it smart to a minimum extent.

As we discuss about variations of windows types, windows 10&8 need not require much effort as the option of Defrag will appear every week immediately whereas in Windows 7,you have to go through the following method, press start button, select all programs then to accessories and finally system tools and click disk defragmenter. Still you want another change, though there’s default option, you have the choice of making alteration according to the size sects of files. If it’s big you can manually change it or if less leave it like that. So, it’s all in your hands if you want to have particular alteration or not.

The question of replace and upgrade – even after the easy paths you followed, still you are in need of improvement in your laptop,, then it’s time to upgrade your RAM or hard drive. If you prefer hard drive, you shall replace it with Solid – state drive (SSD ). It’s one of the better ways to raise your system’s ability to b better manner  and there by enjoy the swift in launching apps, booting and so on. If you plan upgradation on RAM, it’s also a thing of second thought. You can install it yourself by purchasing RAM which is compatible with your system. It is actually affordable and if needed you can go to experts. When it’s about SSD, you should take time before making  decisions as it’s little more costlier than the latter.

Guys, the question of upgrading often cause confusion with the option of replacing your own laptop or computer. The replacement could either be of parts or the entire one. It all up to you because you know very well how long you want to use your PC or how aged it is. If you own a laptop, it’s components are pricey  in comparison so, you go for upgradation where at times upgrading RAM or SSD can also be costly as well. Think about your need twice and as per your price option and condition of system, go for a suitable and better choice.

Keeping PC clean and well organized – after the segregation of documents, replacement, upgrade, scan and other methods, it’s vital to maintain a well cleaned and organized desktop every time through constant check. The word ‘cleaning up’ has several dimensions of meaning and function. The first one is cleaning your hard drive. As usage and storage increases, the hard drive will also get filled up. When this occurs, it will be difficult to access and will lead to a mess as the entire space has been consumed by various data and files. You have to remember to keep an eye on the storage part and try to free space by time to time in order to reduce the slowdown. Also, you can opt the option of inbuilt window clean up functions to reduce space. In all windows, you will get this option and it eases by removing unwanted files, cleaning recycle bin and so on.

Second dimension of clean up literally means of cleaning up your system from outer materials. In the cases of electronic parts, it Always attracts dust in all the possible ways that sometimes these dust particles can go to your system components which may lead to the reduction of functioning efficiency. Once these dry matters and soil gets inside the laptop, the processor and other components strive hard to function and this has to be avoided at any cost. You have to often clean this thoroughly taking care of keyboard and all the minute parts.

Last dimension or way of cleaning is if data and files, arrange and organize it in proficient way. You must save your relevant data in named folders properly rather than sit in the desktop. You can search for stored documents in the search box in order to find it ASAP. Though known and used to, it’s also crucial to have a proper arrangement of photos, dates, size and folders. You need not only to create it but to name and to keep the files in the folder. Could be maintained it by copying and renaming folders by removing unwanted ones including shortcuts on time to time.

So, you are the decision maker. Before jumping into buying a new PC or laptop, always make a try to solve the problems it faces and if not resolved, you can go on. Always remember all these easy, simple and efficient ways to clean your system and thereby have a swift in the system performance. You don’t have to delay because you can do all these by yourself.


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