At Violet Office Supplies, we pride ourselves with our impeccable range of toner cartridges. A variety of cheap toner cartridges for all kinds of laser printers are available at discounted rates. As one of the most regarded stationery suppliers in the UK, we do not compromise on the quality of our products. One of the archives we proudly host is that of the laser toner, also known as toner cartridges. When you buy printer supplies, it is extremely crucial you know what you’re dealing with. Especially when it comes to the type of cartridges and it’s compatibility with your printer.

What do you need to know?

The biggest blunder one makes is use the terms ink and toner interchangeably. All, though, both of these are used in a printer, they vary in functionality by a landslide. To make things easier, the physical appearance of both are different. Toner is in the form of powder, whereas ink is in the form of liquid. Printer technology is a vast area of research, but it is important that a buyer knows what he/she is dealing with.

Why are toner cartridges used in Laser Printers?

The two components in the toner are plastic resin and iron oxide, making it a unique choice for xerographic printing. Unlike inkjet printers, the laser printer does not directly imprint the image. Instead, it first draws an electrostatic outline of the picture into the imaging drum, which is then coated with the toner to imprint an image. As mentioned before, printer technology is a vast area and there is much more to what meets the eye. The Original Equipment Manufacturer or the OEM Toner cartridges are the most preferred one from the lot because it is produced by the manufacturer of your printer. Unfortunately, they almost always burn a hole in your pocket. Either way, with high image quality, high speed and an impressive quantity of prints, toner cartridges take the lead.

Where can you buy cheap toner cartridges?

Right here! At Violet Office Supplies, we have a high regard for all your toner needs, be it at the school, the office or even the government. It is all because of our remarkable rates and after- services. Not only that, we also have a 14-Days return with a money back guarantee policy, if you are not satisfied with the product. This policy holds cast iron for every product we have. But we are sure it won't be necessary for you because we have over 20 trained professionals to help you pick the right product. Our cartridges are compatible with all kinds of printers, as we scrutinise each of them for their compatibility with their designated printer. You can be rest assured that the laser toner cartridges we host are those which we swear by for our very own daily-use as well. Apart from this, we also have free delivery on orders above £40. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. The brands we host are those that are trusted by a million. We supply cheap HP laser toner cartridges for an impressive yield of minimum 1000 pages to a maximum of 24,000 pages. The popular Epson toner cartridges have been changing the way people work for years together. Till date, reliable, efficient and high-quality printing and mobile solutions have been introduced into the market for both homes as well as industrial use. We also have high-performance colour as well as monochrome printers that come in various time and money saving features like wireless or auto-duplex. The cheap Dell toner cartridges at Violet Office Supplies gives you a wide range of options for both your office printers as well business printers. These high yield cartridges provide an undeniable experience every time you use it. The Dell Ink Cartridges and the Waste Toner Collector are few of the other amazing products we own. We supply affordable Samsung laser toner cartridges that deliver excellent print quality, high- precision images and lasts for 35,000 pages and more. The price and availability of this item are remarkable. The genuine Canon laser toner cartridges come in colours of black, cyan, magenta and yellow. With a maximum yield of 8500 pages, the quality and clarity of the print are impeccable. The other items we own are Brother laser toner cartridges and Lexmark laser toner cartridges, that aim at being in every step of your way to success.

What kind of cartridge should I buy?

The saddest truth is we are bombarded with advertisements and website that convinces you that the toner they are selling is exactly what you need. But we suggest you stay strong from being misled, and make an educated guess. Here are few of the things you should know.

What are compatible toner cartridges?

These are cartridges that come with fully equipped parts, but they may not be necessarily the same brand as your printer. In most cases, your printer manufacturer will advise you to use their products and claim that their products work better compared to other brands. But the parts of a compatible toner cartridge is similar to those of your manufacturer. The only difference is that they are much cheaper than the branded ones. They are readily available at any office supply store or even an e-commerce site such as ours.

What are the downsides of using compatible over OEM?

Most complain that the print quality is not as great as the OEM cartridges. It is because there are many companies who invest their business in cheap ink formulas, inaccessibility to necessary parts and fail to replicate the product exactly like the OEM toner cartridges. Your printer may complain of low ink frequently and that is why it is extremely crucial you invest in a good brand toner cartridge like those of Brother, Epson etc. The bottom line, is you choose a cartridge which is ideal for the job you have, your personal preferences and the budget. For the most, affordable toner cartridges that are dependable and is capable of producing high-quality print will fit all your needs. It is important you invest in them after researching well and reading the reviews. Our products are available at high discounted rates. The deal does not end there, every week we have offers on the most popular products. Delivered to you at your doorstep, our company values your opinion and experience. You are one step away from a whirlwind of online products to help make your personal life as well as your professional life balanced. Browse our selection of various items today and avail yourself a pleasant surprise, each time you purchase from us.