printer cartridge.

Super easy methods to refill your printer cartridge.

When you are  planning to set up a home office, printer is one of the essentials and printer Ink is one of the expensive things you have to get. Most of us will definitely go through research on various products to find out the best available. When you own a printer, you start using it every time in plenty. It would be very interesting if you have a new  digital camera and you obviously start clicking a lot of pictures, sending it to your PC and and print as much as you can. Bit there might occur a sudden problem of shortage of ink/toner.

Here, it is a detailed guidance of how to refill your printer cartridge. Through this easy and simple methods, you can use it for a long time without getting a new one. This following methods/steps can help you save money without delay or worry.

Steps to follow. 

● The first thing you need to do is to purchase an ink refill kit from any office supply store of your choice. It is inexpensive (compared to) and easily available and especially There  would be office supply stores which provide discounts. This will definitely be easier for you in this way. As mentioned, it is the best idea as it cost you only half the price of a new printer. You can also get it online if you want.

● Now, what you need to do is to collect a roll of paper towels and clear scotch tapes on a desk/table along with your kit that has already been purchased.

● Before you move on to the next step, you always have to keep in mind to close the lid of the printer when you are working. You have to take out the cartridge from the printer is what you need to do.

● Try to cover your hands from spreading the ink all over. You better opt a pair of gloves (disposable plastic gloves) so it would protect your hands while working with the toner.

● The paper towel you have already gathered can use here to absorb any leakage of ink. You need to fold it twice and use it according to how you work on.

● As a next step, you have to place the empty cartridge in the printer.

● You will be having a general guide/manual to help you do this process. You need to read the instructions written along with the refill kit and study how to do it properly on   your particular kind of cartridge.

● The other important step is to find the correct hole on the cartridge. It’s always o  the top part and you are supposed to locate it by rubbing your fingers across it and you will feel it when you do so. But, from a number of holes, only one will lead to the ink reservoir and you can identify it as the right one will have sponge on it.

● Use the manual to find the correct places. The  you can get sharp pencils, knife or screw driver to refill the hole. if you are using a screwdriver/knife, you are supposed to take out the cartridge label and refill the ink where using a sharp edged pencil, you have to pierce the holes and do the same.

● While refilling the inch, you should be careful not to mismatch the colors and holes. There are ink colors of magenta, cyan and yellow in addition to the black color. You can either approach user manual to find the right color hole or with a toothpick pushing into it can also be done.

● The next step, you need to insert the long needles and fill the colors. You have to be very careful while inserting into the printer hole because you don’t want to allow an air pocket to reach the printer edge causing the cartridge not to work properly. You have to fill the colors in which the needle of ink bottle shod go down so the foam reach its bottom with ease.

● When you are done inserting the needle right way, you can start filling it carefully and make sure not to overfill so that can avoid a mess.

● When you see the ink oozing out of the hole, you have to stop filing as soon as possible and don’t take out the bottle right away. You better wait sometime for the bottle to release the air and sucking back a few drops of ink from it. Then you can take back the needle completely.

● As there might be a good chance of ink oozing out of the cartridge, you have to use the paper towels to dab the end part. So that the remaining patches of ink will be absorbed.

● Along with the refill kit, there is also paper towel and tapes. It’s always better to go with clear scotch tapes than the seal dots you have in the kit to cover the hole to its right maintenance stopping the leakage of ink anymore.

● Now you can fill the other color holes the same way repeating the steps 11-15.

● If you have completed filling all the three colors, forget not to dab or blot the hole contact area rather than being hard wiping or running. You have to be patient to repeat it several times until the colors stop bleeding. Later you can see a pattern of 3 colors evenly in your paper towel.

● We have discussed above to blot and not to wipe out the colors. If the blot seems to show nothing or the faded color, you are supposed to wet the paper towel and there by drying  it to get the ink enough flow.

● Now, replace toner cartridge in the printer and please try never to install/use a leaking cartridge.

● Here,  you are ready to use the printer. Print out something immediately to check the ink flow and after that, try to print some other photos  pages, documents of various colors.

● Whenever needed, follow this easy and simple steps/methods to your particular type of printer.


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